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Thread: PSP 6.35 Firmware HBL Arrives for Minna no Sukkiri Demo Exploit

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    Arrow 6.20 TN-A Homebrew Enabler Released

    Total_Noob has now released 6.20 TN-A allowing homebrew on 6.20 PSP Firmware via the Patapon 2 demo savedata exploit, which remains active as long as the PSP is turned on:

    Downloads: 6.20 TN HEN / HBL R109 / UCUS98732 DATA02

    • A PSP with firmware 6.20 installed. Any model will do.

    6.20 TN-A Installation Instructions:
    • Install Patapon Demo & HBL on your PSP.
    • Extract EBOOT.PBP to /PSP/GAME/HEN/EBOOT.PBP, or to /HBL/GAME/EBOOT.PBP if you want to launch it directly.
    • Launch Patapon Demo and load exploited savedata (Continue).
    • Now, it jumps into HEN mode.
    • Enjoy homebrew and plugins (you’ll lose HEN mode, if you reset/shutdown the device or if your PSP crashes).

    I have also updated the first post with it as well now.

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    I may be doing something wrong. I had the Patapon Demo exploit installed and also HBL on my PSP 2000. I extracted the EBOOT.PBP to /PSP/GAME/HEN/. When loading any homebrew from the XMB, the PSP crashes. Then I extracted the EBOOT.PBP to /HBL/GAME/. And the same happens when I try to load homebrew. Any suggestions out there?

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    Jes03 Guest
    Ok, so its real. About time something turned out to be more than a fake video.

    But, what good is this? HBL already runs homebrew, and you need HBL to load it so again what is this good for?

    If it ran ISOs then it would be great but as it doesn't its totally useless.

    All this does is make 1 more thing to do before homebrew works. I would prefer to do less than more to run my homebrew.

    And as its for 6.20 only its useless to anyone thats updated to 6.3x even if you have HBL already working.

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    Luckluka Guest
    This has kernal access

    Which means CFW Enabler 5.03 works on this, which means you can write to FLASH0 which means CFW 5.03GEN-D

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    Jes03 Guest
    CFW 5.03GEN-D won't work as it's not 5.03 firmware.

    This is only for 6.20 firmware so no CFW5.03GEN-D from this.

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    Here is a Game Categories Light 1.1 Plug-In for for 6.20 TN also to categorize games and homebrew. This version is 6.20 TN specific, taking advantage of a new firmware 6.20 folder sort mode 'By Category'.
    Version 1.1 is a bugfix update that fixes an issue with category detection.

    Game Categories Light 1.0 by Bubbletune (for 6.20 TN only)

    (Changes 1.0->1.1: Fixed DLC's (PARAM.PBP) and random files being detected as categories)

    The latest generation in the Game Categories plugin series.
    Use this to categorize your games/homebrew any way you like.


    - Adds a new option called 'By Category' to your 'Group Content' menu.
    - Adds the 'By Category' option in the Square-button cycling.
    - Defaults to the 'By Category' option when you load the menu.
    - Introduces a subtitle that shows the game type and firmware limits.


    1) Create X:/seplugins if it doesn't exist.
    2) Create X:/seplugins/vsh.txt if it doesn't exist and edit it by adding one of these on a new line:

    PSPgo (built-in storage):
    ef0:/seplugins/game_categories_light.prx 1

    All others:
    ms0:/seplugins/game_categories_light.prx 1

    3) Reboot your PSP using 'RESTART VSH' in the vshmenu so the HEN is maintained.

    Making categories:

    1) Create new folders in /PSP/GAME named after the categories you'd like them to be.
    2) Move any homebrew or games you want in them inside.
    3) If corrupt data starts showing, decrease the length of the filenames of your homebrew. There is a (harsh) sce limit that gets hit easily when the category name length is counted in.


    - As I'm sure people will want this: create X:/seplugins/hide_uncategorized.txt (empty) to hide uncategorized folder (will also hide it's contents).
    - For those who used older Game Categories versions: the CAT_ prefix is no longer used, categories are auto-detected by checking for an EBOOT.PBP inside.
    - This is a complete rewrite from scratch and does not contain code from the original Game Categories.

    Merry christmas and a happy new year everyone!

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    pasty745 Guest

    Prometheus ISO loader 6.20 TN-A

    This weekend Liquidzigong has released what he calls Prometheus iSO Loader 6.20 TN-A for the PSP handheld. I have not tested this (as I have 5.00m33-6), but I thought it was worth sharing on here.

    Great to see newer FW being able to run ISOs, and to know that the PSP hacking scene is not dead.

    To quote: So there you are, Kindgdom Hearts running for the first time on a psp go (that’s right, if you have TN Hen and this loader, you can run MORE games than on an official console), and another video showing Monster Hunter Portable 3 running on a 6.20 PSP Go... enjoy

    How to install/Run

    Put your ISO files in the ISO folder of your memory stick. Unzip the archive in your PSP/GAME folder. Run as any normal homebrew. For TN Hen users, you of course need to run the Hen before that.

    If you want to use the M33 driver, you need a copy of isofs_500.prx which is not included in this package. You can get this file from the official firmware, by using PSARDumper

    [imglink=|Videos: Prometheus iSO loader 6.20 TN-A for PSP is Released!][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    I have merged your post in our ongoing thread here, mainpaged it and added the videos of it in action. +Rep pasty745!

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    jokr2k10 Guest
    This says to copy games to memory card on the PSP, but with PSPGO, can games be stored in internal memory?? Part of the PSPGo advantage is 16GB built in.

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    Jes03 Guest
    THANK YOU to the dev who make the ISO loader. That's what everyone was after and FINALLY people can run ISOs on the GO.
    I unfortunately will have to wait as I updated to 6.31 before I realized I was going to lose a lot of features as I used the GO to access PSN.

    There was suppose to be a 6.31 version but it looks like that was wrong. Maybe he might make a 6.31 version later?

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