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Thread: PSP-3000 Screen Issues Investigated, Poor Pixels Suspected

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    PSP-3000 Screen Issues Investigated, Poor Pixels Suspected

    Logic-Sunrise has shared the results of their investigation into the screen issues with the latest edition PSP-3000 consoles.

    They took out a microscope in order to test the difference between the screens as follows:

    On PSP-3000 and newest PSP-3004, Everyone get a "bad screen" (scanline effect). But what happen on these screens ? in fact we get a microscope, and we tested differencies between old good screens, and newest bad screens.

    In fact, after looking it 40X bigger, we can see all pixels. As you know, a pixel got 3 colors : blue, green and red. The biggest issue is the blue part of the pixel is not "light", but very dark, near black ... The or issue is that the blue part is horizon aligned, not vertical aligned, like old screens. It's why we have a scanline effect.

    Also, we contacted SONY: No new console will be changed or screen replaced. We made a simple: gaming. It's VERY awful to play on these console, and we recommend everybody to bye old slim psp (psp-2004 for exemple) or wait for new screens on PSP 3000 and psp 3004 consoles.

    We made 2 pictures, to compare. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Grammatical issues aside, very interesting findings. I bought (and returned) a PSP when they first came out and it had defective pixels. Why should it be so hard to get an unblemished screen from one of the world's most successful electronics companies?


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