An FCC listing has confirmed that Sony is indeed working on the eternally-rumored PSP-3000. There are no details yet, as Sony has made a request for confidentiality regarding the particulars of the unit. However, this does add merit to the authenticity of the previously leaked photos.

The new PSP-3001 model (03g PSP) has been submitted to the FCC (linked above) for testing, which means the new PSP-300x model is likely to hit retail shelves soon. Though there have been plenty of clues thus far, from unused NIDs referencing new hardware devices, a reference to a "03g" model in the IPL, that "3000? graphic on the official Sony site, and most recently, the alleged pics of a prototype.

Now itís just a matter of waiting for the official announcement and the official list of changes. Hopefully some of the rumors that have been floating around turn out to be true (the hard disk drive comes to mind).

With the new PSP-2000 TA-088v3 model that is out now that is completely Pandora-proof, you can bet the PSP-3000 will also be completely Pandora-proof... time will tell for sure! More PlayStation 3 News...