Update: In PS3 news tonight, we received word from the BRDGen Team that they have posted some preliminary info and a screenshot of the upcoming BRDGen v1.00 release- nice news indeed! 2

Dark_AleX has now shared with us a 3.10 OE-A2 For PSP bugfix for 3.10 OE-A, which corrects the bug that causes a 0x80020148 error in games like Metal Slug 6 and others. The bug was caused due to the static ELF patch not being done properly in certain cases. Those interested can share your feedback in the Official PSP 3.10 OE-A2 And Compatibility thread! and from the ReadMe file:
This update requires 3.10 OE to be installed (program will check it this time, to avoid semi-breaks in previous versions).

Copy the 310_a2update directory to /PSP/GAME150 in your memstick, and run it.


- Corrected a bug that caused Metal Slug 6 (from Metal Slug Anthology), and other umd/iso games
containing a static elf to show error 0x80020148.
In Wii news today, Rawdump Wii Disc Dumper v2.0 is now available and includes the following updates: Changed code to be compatible with Windows x64 and Windows x32, Fixed random crashes, Better error-correction code, Fixed occasional arithmetic error, Faster!! (dumps in about 2.5 hours), Faster unscrambling, Status information while unscrambling, and Works with USB drives! Feel free to post your results in our ongoing Rawdump Wii Disc Dumper released! Forum thread. Wii releases today include: WarioWare.Smooth.Moves.JPN.Wii-AsTrO and PARTY.PACK.for.EVOLUTION.JPN.Wii-AsTrO

PSP releases: 3.10 OE AutoBoot Plug-In v0.3.5 For PSP, CWCheat v0.1.6 Rev H (Official) For 3.10 OE POPS For PSP (Thanks weltall!), IceTea v1.3 PSX Converter For PSP, Flash Agent E2 For 3.10 OE-A For PSP, ID Reset v7 For PSP, Wave Attack v0.5 XMB Mod For PSP, Sid Meiers Pirates (EUR) Multi-lang 138MB PSP RipKit, Custom XMBWave RGB Mod For PSP, ReCreate Icons v1 For 3.03 OE For PSP, USB Mod v4b For 3.10 OE-A2 For PSP, Yet Another PSP Toolkit v1.0 For PSP, and CWCheat Database And POP Database Editor v1.4 For PSP.