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    Starlight Guest

    PSP 2 Coming Pre-Christmas, Will be an iPhone Beater

    Whether it's labelled the PSP 4000 or the PSP 2, there's been a lot of rumor recently about an imminent successor to Sony's handheld console.

    There's also been a lot of talk about how Sony might react to the competition on offer from the phenomenal success of Apple's iPhone and iPod touch.

    Unsurprisingly the console manufacturer has been comparatively mute in both cases, denying the existence of a PSP sequel and any threat from Apple.

    However, having spoken to an insider source - who's not Dave Perry, but is a developer working on the new hardware - we can reveal that the new handheld will arrive before Christmas and will be far more similar to the iPhone than the current device.

    Like Apple's newcomer, the PSP 2 will be a compact device with a large touchscreen. However, where Sony's machine has the edge is when the touchscreen is slid open as it reveals familiar buttons, D-pads and - praise the Lord of Handhelds - dual analogue controls.

    This new format should allow for both existing hardcore console titles as well as simpler touchscreen games along the lines of those currently available in the App Store. And like the App Store, (and in the absence of UMD), the games will all be available for digital download via the PlayStation Store.

    Although this hasn't been confirmed, our speculation is that Sony's initial plans for a small upgrade to a PSP 4000 model have since been accelerated by the success of the iPhone and arrival of Nintendo DSi.

    As yet those are all the details we have, but we understand the full specs and pricing will be unveiled at E3 in June.

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    Ch41n Guest

    Big Grin PSP2 will come out before christmas!

    As he is an insider, it could be that he's right with the News that the PSP2 will get released before christmas.
    It should has a touchscreen, two analogsticks and a slide screen.

    Also new is, that the PSP2 will has his own website to download many games and other stuff.
    But we still don't know, if it has a camera, too, or not.

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    flipout707 Guest
    If this gets confirmed by Sony, it's gonna make a lot of people very happy.

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    mrmiller24 Guest
    i hope the touch screen and similar features are the only ideas they have decided to use from the iphone.
    i remember a while ago there was a story here that said the next psp would be able to act like a phone as well, which seems very unlikely and something i dont want to see.

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    pierreyves28 Guest
    I hope that there will internal storage and still have access to another movable one like a card ^^

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