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    Contributor hscbaj's Avatar
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    PS2NFO homebrew PSP videos

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    I have recorded some decent quality movies of the 3 emulators everyone wants to see running.

    http://www.bid4hosting.co.uk/psp/inf...s3news_com.avi - 2.89mb

    http://www.bid4hosting.co.uk/psp/rin1_1-ps3news_com.avi - 2.81mb

    http://www.bid4hosting.co.uk/psp/snes9x-ps3news_com.avi - 1.65mb

    All require DivX codec which you can download for free from www.divx.com
    Last edited by hscbaj; 05-16-2005 at 06:32 PM

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    Red Face

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    The videos are cool, but my only concern would be the size of them and hosting... as for the watermark stuff it's totally up to you, we don't mind either way.

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    I also run a hosting company. Hosting and the associated bandwidth would not be a problem.
    Ill go ahead then.

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    Wow... nice! HEHE

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    very good of you, I am sure my thanks is speaking for everyone.

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    Going to be no sound im afraid. I tried wiring in the psp out directly to the dv cam, but it just picks up **** loads of noise

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    Ok, done the 3 emulators and changed my first post in this thread.

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    Thumbs Up

    Nice work hscbaj, I will STICKY this thread for awhile!

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    Obviously, if anyone has any requests of something they'd like to see running, let me know.

    I will update the videos with each significant update (ie. ill do the SNES9x vid again when they release a full screen version..)

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    Video capture...

    It would be nice if emulator authors added a video capture feature. Simply output the framwbuffer to mem stick every frame, compress and author the images on the PC. Could add in duplicate images to emulate fps, emulate an emulator... cool!


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