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    lol who knows, maybe blue ray discs burners will be as cheap as dvd burners by then :P.

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    Hey guys, Ive been really looking around an well it seems that the resolution of UMD video depends on the player, seriously the odds are looking even better now. Cant wait till Sony drops the bomb @ E3!!

    "SCEI has yet to announce UMD support in products beyond the PSP, but it has talked about the possibility of making it a common format for a family of gadgets. Should this happen, the UMD movies may benefit from future players with larger screens. The movies are stored on the discs at a resolution of 720 pixels by 480 pixels, says Chatani. That's the same resolution as DVD",RSS,00.asp

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    bomb dropped.

    i didnt see any UMD drive :P

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    no umd drive on it, but it does connect to the ps3 wirelessly, maybe do some usb 2 stuff. AND it can be a controller for ps3!

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    What would be cool is if the PS3 supported wireless streaming of PSP movies and games. Then you could play PSP games on the home entertainment system without and wires, and they wouldn't need the PS3 to have a UMD drive. Just hopefull thinking I guess.

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    What would be really cool is if Sony made the ps3 emulate the PSP, and while doing so upped the resolution of the PSP games to HDTV resolution while on the ps3. I doubt that will happen, but it would be really cool if it did.

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    They just need to do Kraken's idea. I know im not alone in the fact that i REALLY REALLY want to be able to play my PSP on a bigger picture. If it wirelessly to the PS3 and played I would freak out.

    Ludikhris :stickpoke

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    they could always make a USB 2.0 umd reader for PS3, but again, what's to stop me from plugging it into my pc? There could also be software that lets you wirelessly send your game from psp through the ps3 to a big tv. Haha! less likely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackass57
    I think it'd be a great idea for PS3 to have a UMD reader, so that when you're in the car or airplane, u can play the games.
    You'd get arrested if you used your PSP whilst driving in the UK!!

    Too right to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t3m3st
    they could always make a USB 2.0 umd reader for PS3
    yeah but whats to say the ps2 would understand the code on the UMD?

    thats why the ps3 supposedly supports usb2 and wifi as a comms protocol and not just launch the code of the disc!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by wired
    hey, whatever happened with the hard drive psp?,
    They're call memory stick duo's or duo pro's. They're just solid state harddrives.
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