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    luffytam Guest
    I don't have psv but i think psv is crackable

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    yhzero Guest
    thanks great work

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    Apr 2005

    Video: PS Vita Gyro JSoS Homebrew Demo by Brian Balling Arrives

    Today Sony PlayStation Vita hacker Brian Balling (aka BBalling1) has made available a native PS Vita Gyro JSoS (JavaScript on Steroids) homebrew demo which utilizes PS Vita's gyroscope to move a square on the screen of his PC.

    To quote: Can this be considered the first PS Vita native “homebrew”?

    I was not really sure where to put the quotes in this title. Is this a “Vita” homebrew? is this a “native” homebrew? Is this even a “homebrew”? Depending on your definitions, your answer might vary.

    But the fact remains that BBalling1 (a.k.a. Codelion) showcased yesterday some homemade code running through the JSoS (Javascript on Steroids) framework, that we typically refer to as the “native vita exploit” these days. Regular progress is made on the native vita exploit, with Hyken recently releasing an attempt to unify the various ongoing efforts, under the name Vitasploit.

    Bballing1 hasn’t been resting either it seems, and if I were to guess, I’d say many people are now busy reverse-engineering the modules that have been dumped so far from the webkit process.

    Yesterday, BBalling1 showcased a video showing the Vita controlling a tiny cube’s position on his computer, with the use of the Vita’s gyroscope (video below). It’s worth mentioning here that the display logic is hosted on a computer, not on the Vita itself. Basically, the Vita’s now sending the gyroscope coordinates to the JSoS server.

    BBalling also credits MrNetrix for the work on this.

    Yes, this is not a game, and yes, technically it is not fully running on the Vita since the rendering happens on a desktop. Still, this is pretty exciting. I’m wondering how close we are to running the obligatory pong fully on the PS Vita through the Webkit exploit

    From Brian B (via Twitter): JSoS gyro data homebrew using SceNet and sceMotionGetState to control a square in c#. w/ MrNetrix ty for gyro stuff

    Credit to MrNetrix for finding the gyro code. Vita acceleration data being used to control a square on a c# form.

    Finally, from aliaspider comes a TN-V and RetroArch demo video with details below, as follows:

    Download: RetroArch for PSP Phat b2 on PS Vita TN-V
    • ZIP file to install on Vita (linked above)
    • Put this to the vita photo app: http://i.imgur.com/rngjmsO.png
    • Note: TN-V recovery menu simulate NOTE button as START+R1
    • Note 2: sound directly from Vita, sry for sound delay

    Rename a core .PBP to EBOOT.PBP and put it in its own homebrew directory (or replace the one in the main retroarch folder).

    Which reminds me, maybe the trick of renaming a core to EBOOT.PBP and putting it in its own folder will allow it to run on vita, can anyone test this ? Thanks for advice, tested and works on Vita TN-V!

    More PlayStation Vita News...

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    venomancerz Guest
    good work

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    DvdXploitr Guest
    Thing is, even if the system gets cracked and has piracy, Sony will still be making a killing off those expensive memory cards!

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    ratorato Guest
    nice news

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