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    Apr 2005

    PS Vita Vita-8 (Chip-8) Emulator, FTPVita PSVita Homebrew WIP by Xerpi

    Despite Sony blocking the Rejuvenate Exploit through their PS Vita Firmware 3.52 update, PlayStation Vita developer xerpi has released a VitaHelloWorld sample and now a PS Vita Vita-8 (Chip-8) Emulator with FTPVita for PSVita homebrew as a work-in-progress (WIP) below.

    Downloads: vitahelloworld.velf / vitahelloworld_fixup.elf / VitaHelloWorld GIT / FTPVita.velf / FTPVita_fixup.elf / FTPVita.velf / FTPVita GIT / VITA-8.velf / VITA-8_fixup.elf / VITA-8.velf / VITA-8 GIT / psp2sdk-master.zip / 173210's Open-Source SDK GIT

    From SMOKE587: Vita Chip-8 emulator by xerpi playing #Pong

    FTPVita - FTP Server for the PSVita.

    Compiling Prerequisites:
    • arm gcc (devkitARM r44 for example)
    • psp2sdk

    Once all the prerequisites have been met, you can compile this homebrew by typing:

    [Register or Login to view code]


    Thanks to yifanlu for Rejuvenate and UVLoader Thanks to 173210 and everybody who contributed to psp2sdk. Thanks to Cirne and everybody who contributed to vita-toolchain. Also thanks to everybody who has helped me on #vitadev

    Does anyone plan to get a PS Vita with the ability to now use PSVita homebrew, would you if a PlayStation Vita iSO Loader was released, or are you not too interested in Sony's latest handheld console?

    Please share your thoughts in the comments below, as based on the interest level we'll determine whether to cover PS Vita homebrew updates in our Site news or not. Thanks!

    More PlayStation Vita News...

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    ccphuc Guest
    Thank you very much

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    misiozol Guest
    Hopefully we will see more steady progress , shame $ony screw up developers and played with their money closing psm dev , some ppl invested lot of money in some projects.

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    hungqdinh Guest
    yes this means i can jailbreak my psvita. this is a good news to psvita users.

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    NorcalGaming Guest


    This is gonna be nice

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    ciby Guest
    Very nice! I'd like to use it

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    fichin82 Guest
    yeah, this would be cool bro

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    evilbawang Guest

    Thumbs Up

    Yes please! I updated my PS Vita after getting bored with the PSP emulator hacks. Now I want to see more action with this great but unlove handheld console.

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    gregdaleg Guest
    I hated the vita. It was a dead console within a month. Sure homebrew may "revive" the vita a little. But the vita sucked.

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    kwt0728 Guest
    Thanks, seeking this file please.

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