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    PS Vita System Software Update v2.11 Arrives, Improves Stability

    Following up on the recent PS Vita Firmware 2.10 update, today Sony Online Support Coordinator RabidWalker has announced that PS Vita System Software update v2.11 is now available and improves system stability.

    Download: PS Vita Firmware 2.11 Update (USA) / PS Vita Firmware 2.11 Update (EUR) / PS Vita Firmware 2.11 Update (JPN)

    Below are the details, to quote: System Software 2.11 is now available for the PS Vita.

    The software improves system stability and the playback of some titles.

    If you have any queries, let me know.


    Finally, from PlayStation Vita hacker The Z: Sony released the FW 2.11 this night, which seems to be a "hot-fix" Update, like the usual +0.01 updates.

    Nothing new, nothing interesting. My exploit is still working (cause its usermode ^^).

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    elser1 Guest
    another one so soon. i haven't even done last weeks one yet. lol

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    Brenza Guest
    where's the picture another useless firmware??

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