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Thread: PS Vita System Software Update v2.05 Incoming, Details Available

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    PS Vita System Software Update v2.05 Incoming, Details Available

    Following up on PS Vita Firmware v2.02, today Sony has officially announced that PlayStation Vita System Software update v2.05 is incoming.

    Download: PS Vita Firmware 2.05 Update (USA) / PS Vita Firmware 2.05 Update (EUR) / PS Vita Firmware 2.05 Update (JPN)

    While no official changelog is available yet, according to their announcement the update will offer users the following, to quote: "system software stability during use of some features has been improved."

    It wouldn't surprise us if Sony blocked some of the more recent exploits in the update as well, however, it is currently unknown if this will be a mandatory PS Vita Firmware update or not but it should go live later tonight.

    As always, we will add the download links and additional details above once they become available!

    [imglink=|PS Vita System Software Update v2.05 Incoming, Details Available][/imglink]
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    modernuser Guest

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    StanSmith Guest
    They've removed it from their site so I'm guessing it wont be out tonight.

    And when they say "system software stability during use of some features has been improved." It really means they have blocked access to eCFW and actually removed features but thats what Sony are good at, removing features more than adding them.

    WHY dont they just patch the game instead of releasing a whole firmware? This 2.05 was probably pulled for being faulty which is why I wonder why they dont patch the game as that would be the safest and quickest way.

    They have the game on their servers, all they have to do is ask the devs who made it to patch it then there you go. No need to release another faulty firmware update and the eCFW is blocked. BUT do you really think Sony are that smart? NOPE!

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    Siggy12 Guest
    You are right , is a good reason, I'll explain to You why Sony have to patch the firmware. The company that develop the game not have to be involved in a patch of the game that already Sony certified for go to the market, this because they already pay a lot of money to Sony for the certification/approve/SDK/Assistance for go to the market BD-DVD-UMD-PSN-ETC ETC...,so no reason to involve the company and their resources/days/money for a patch for PSVITA (or else) Protection scheme of SONY.

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    Greazy Guest
    Simple answer is if they patch the game people who already have installed the game before they patch would be able to continually use the same exploit permanently. So if Sony releases next firmware update without patching the firmware that exploited game you have installed would still work on the new firmware.

    So instead Sony chooses to patch the firmware because now if you want psn or any new games that require the higher firmware your forced to update and you loose the exploit. People usually at sometime will update for a new game or a new firmware feature.

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    StanSmith Guest
    The update is live now. I went to play my daily mission of Unit 13 and it tells me I have to update. It says update 2.05 is available.

    Another thing, OpenCMA does NOT work via Wifi only USB. When you try to connect via Wifi it tells you to update but via USB works fine.

    UPDATE; CMA now tells me to update. I have OpenCMA installed and it now refuses to connect even via USB.

    And it is a mandatory update. Cant do anything unless you update first.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Was there OpenCMA update recently? Mine haven't work since 2.00 ...

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    StanSmith Guest
    there was that OpenCMA v2 and it worked just long enough for me to back up things then it stopped working. I rebooted the Vita and closed then opened OpenCMA and couldn't get it working again.

    I've updated anyway as I have been playing online games recently so I need PSN access. I happily just finished the PSP backup game I was playing so it was good timing for me.

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    Azrial Guest
    My Vita did a forced update last night, can't see what it included, but everything looks the same, no new additions, so probably all security related.

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    StanSmith Guest
    I'm finding it faster. And I can map buttons in the PSX emulator. Still nothing changed in the PSP emulator.

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