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Thread: PS Vita System Software Update v2.00 Arrives, Details Available

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    PS Vita System Software Update v2.00 Arrives, Details Available

    Following up on the previous update and their initial announcement, Sony has officially released PS Vita System Software Update v2.00 today with details below.

    Download: PS Vita Firmware 2.00 Update (US) / PS Vita Firmware 2.00 Update (EU) / PS Vita Firmware 2.00 Update (JP)

    Alongside the addition of PlayStation Plus functionality, PS Vita Firmware 2.00 includes a quicker browser that can also be used in-game and a new e-mail application.

    Below are some recent Tweets from Sony's Shuhei Yoshida (via, as follows:

    One welcome change in tomorrow's PS Vita FW2.0 will be the web browser becomes a "small app", you won't have to quit games to use it.

    That's little talked about but is a big change, and the browsing itself is faster than the current one

    From Sony's EU Blog on PS Vita System Software update v2.00:

    One of the major feature enhancements has been to the browser, with updates to display performance and general functionality. You will now also be able to Tweet a link from directly within the browser.

    The 2.00 update also introduces new Content Manager features, allowing wireless content transfer between PS Vita and PC. Users will also be able to browse folders on their PC or PlayStation 3 system and copy them right onto their PS Vita.

    Elsewhere, a new email app has also been added to the browser that allows users to add up to five email accounts and 5,000 contacts. On-screen notifications let PS Vita players know when they’ve received a message so you can keep in touch anywhere, anytime.

    Here’s a quick summary of what you can expect to see once you’ve downloaded the update:

    Web Browser
    • Enhanced performance of the web browser along with improved support of HTML 5 and JavaScript.
    • PS Vita users will have the ability to Tweet web page addresses.

    • PS Vita users will be able to check, read and send email directly from the system.

    Content Management
    • PS Vita users will be able to wirelessly transfer content between PS Vita and PC, in addition to browsing folders on PS3/PC and copying them to PS Vita.
    • Display photos imported via PS3 and PC.

    Settings for PSOne classics
    • PS Vita users will be able to assign controller buttons to touchscreen, rear touch pad and buttons on their system.
    • Custom screen mode option for flexible screen size adjustment.

    For more information and a full list of enhancements, see our full 2.00 FAQ.

    Shortly following the release, wololo reported (linked above) news of a PS Vita: Hello World on OFW 2.0 by Frostegater (PSP emu) which is pictured below stating the following:

    For those of you worried that Sony might one day have a magic patch for all psp usermode exploits, frostegater has good news for you: Vita's firmware 2.0 still has some holes in the PSP emu (screenshot below).

    He proves it with a typical Hello world running inside the psp emulator of the Vita. It’s no surprise, as I mentioned before we still have dozens of game exploits available on the psp (and those are compatible with the psp emu on the Vita) – lots of which, I need to mention, were found by frostegater himself -, but it’s good to confirm that these undisclosed usermode exploits still run even after a release of a new Vita firmware.

    More impressive is the fact that the firmware was released only a few hours ago, and yet hackers had the time to install it, test the exploit, take pictures, upload them, etc...

    The vita OFW 2.0 patches several user mode exploits we released here over the past few months. It is very likely that it also patches Total_Noob’s Kernel exploit in the psp emu, which would mean we are back to user mode exploits (understand: VHBL) for a little while, but the status of the Kernel exploit still needs to be confirmed (although early tests tell us it’s been patched too).

    In the meantime, enjoy this screenshot (thanks to the Z), and stay tuned for more releases

    From Sony PS Vita hacker wololo: 2.0 OFW update live now, not forced but blocks ALL exploits and Open CMA

    The 2.0 official firmware update for the PlayStation Vita is now out, earlier than previously noted.

    If you live in the US (reports say some areas of EU and Mexico can update now too) you can now update to the new 2.0 Vita Official firmware via the settings. As this is typed it is not a forced update, so those who are on lower firmwares can still access PSN. Of course this can change at any given time, all Sony has to do is flip the switch. Could Sony have had a change of heart?

    Most likely not, but its best that you go download what you want off of PSN in case lower firmwares get shut out and it becomes a forced firmware update. The update comes out in waves, so the rest of you in other regions or territories should receive the update soon.

    Along with the firmware update, as expected all exploits are patched and do not work. That includes the recent Urbanix, Mad Blocker and Gravity Crash exploits. I am currently doing an investigation to see if only the exploits released so far are patched or if Sony implemented a bigger update that would block all future exploits as well. There is a possibility that this may be the case, but we can not be positive yet.

    It does look however to be patched once again, through the Vita’s OS instead of the PSPemu, a tactic we saw with the Monster Hunter exploit on the 1.81 update. Sadly as I predicted too, Open CMA does not work anymore on the new firmware update. Sony has patched Open CMA but to what extant is unknown right now until further investigation. Hopefully Open CMA can at least be salvaged.

    Along with the update other users are confirming that the update also is causing some technical glitches with their Vita. One specific user is unable to unlock his Vita even after rebooting multiple times. OFW could be unstable so that is something to keep in mind when considering to update. Again Open CMA and all exploits are patched on the new update. Please stay tuned for more developments on this and hopefully an update for Open CMA.

    Also a follow-up from his blog: An early review of Vita ofw 2.00

    The OFW 2.00 release is out! We are all very busy updating our systems, many users are still wondering if they should update so, here is a review of all the changes we have found so far:

    The Z has been quite active on his twitter channel with loads of new pictures of the update!
    • All older exploits have been patched! All our older user mode exploits have been patched, more research is being done on the KExploit. But The Z has tested an exploit by frostegator to show that VHBL is still possible
    • The Content Manager Assistant has been updated. CMA has been updated to support wireless transfer. This also blocks OpenCMA and it seems quite complicated to patch it now that there is wireless transfer. To enable wireless transfer, you need to enable it in your
    • New option ‘Delete PSP Game stored content’ in the PSP emulator menu, allows you to delete content like photos and music that a game saves.
    • Email utility added, send and receive email directly on your systemEmailEmail
    • Web browser speed drastically improved, the speed change is clearly noticeable, I wonder how much the power drain is?

    Thanks to The Z ( for the first two screens and for most of the above information!

    Finally, in related PS Vita homebrew news today JMQMOfficials has announced that the PlayStop Network 1.00.exe application which is now at PlayStop Network 1.01 (homebrew client used to download VHBL and CEF homebrew, ready to be transferred to your Vita similar to PSN only on PC) and has been optimized and is dubbed PSV Downloader Optimized v1.03.

    To quote: While I generally don’t talk about homebrew apps here, this one got my attention. The PlayStop Network allows you to download VHBL and CEF homebrews, ready to be transferred to your Vita with not much hassle. Similar to PSN, only on your PC.

    But downloading homebrews is not the main feature, as you can also chat with people using this app, there is also a nice ban feature for the admins, so be sure to file a report if anyone bothers you. This is nothing new, we have seen other apps doing the same, including my own work (VHBL Manager), but the chat ability is a really nice addition none of the other apps have done.

    [imglink=|PS Vita System Software Update v2.00 Arrives, Details Available][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    DoctorimiJ Guest
    So the big question is, does the Gravity Crash exploit still work?

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    StanSmith Guest
    No. all exploits are blocked.

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    I have now added the wololo updates to the main article which covers the Hello World 2.0 OFW and Open CMA / exploit block news alongside a brief review summary of PlayStation Vita Firmware 2.0.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    FINALLY - the original Browser was pretty poor and it was quite annoying to close the game everytime you need to use it (mainly when needed to authenticated to WiFi atd). The addition of the WiFi transfer for CMA is also well overdue although the loss of Open CMA is a bit letdown however that could be hopefully remedied soon. And indeed - PS+ will benefit many as well - so over all - not so bad update, let's just hope it will not have any major issues.

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    DemonoidMaster Guest
    You mean this..

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    DoctorimiJ Guest
    When I tried to login to the Playstation Store via Vita, the v2.00 firmware upgrade was mandatory (ie. not optional anymore).

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    StanSmith Guest
    I've come to the conclusion that Playstation Plus is the biggest scam Sony have done. The icing in the cake is the free month.
    Yea, you get all those games for free BUT they all expire when Plus expires so they arn't really free. They are rented only.

    On the PS3 it looks like the only real free game is Assassins Creed 2 but I wont really know until its finished downloading then I'll see if the expiry date is there like all the other Plus free games.

    Its not just the PS3 games its also the Vita games. They will expire when Plus expires. That sucks, and I updated for that crap. I should've stayed on 1.81 and kept my PSP backups. I guess I'll have to wait for the next eCFW to be released.

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    ConsoleDev Guest
    I agree with you, so for this reason i haven't updated to 2.00.

    If anyone is looking for a new VHBL or eCFW seems that Frostegater has already a working PSP kernel exploit on the new PSVita FW.

    Working PSP Kernel Exploit on Vita 2.0! Future releases:

    Some very good news, Frostegater has a working PSP kernel exploit on the new Vita firmware 2.0!

    With the recent firmware update issued for the Playstation Vita all of the recent exploits that have been released were patched including the recent Urbanix, Mad Blocker and Gravity Crash exploits for 1.81. That update also brought along some concerns as to whether Sony had permanently patched the method used to running Total_Noobs popular TN-C eCFW. Now, some new developments have been made not long after the new Vita firmware 2.0 update in addition to the Hello World featured on Wololo’s article.

    Developer Frostegater already has a working pspemu kernel exploit, on the latest Vita 2.0 official firmware update (this was first announced by TheZ yesterday, and Wololo got confirmation directly from Frostegater today). This proves that Sony hasn’t patched all vectors to run eCFW, and means that there is a future for more exploit releases especially for those who have updated. Frostgater is already hard at work at trying to port TN-C to this new kernel exploit.

    So if you updated and lost yours or simply missed all of the chances that were present over the last few months, check back as your future looks very bright for an exploit release that can run eCFW on the 2.0 Vita firmware update. If you have not already gotten an exploit and are holding out on a lower firmware its probably best to update, but that’s a personal decision you’ll have to make.

    On a side note, for those who have asked, we confirmed Open CMA still works on firmwares lower than 2.00 and everything should be working normally with your exploits.

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    StanSmith Guest
    I was wrong. That Assassins Creed II is only a 60 min trial but it say its the full game. Another scam they have. So out of all the Plus games there are no real free games. This month free of Plus is to suck you in and when your games expire they force you to pay to keep playing the so called "free" games.

    I'm glad I didn't pay and I'm also glad I turned off the auto renewal. Its the biggest scam. The only thing I do like is the auto download updates and sync trophies. Other than that I don't want Plus and I can do both of those features when I want.

    And with the such small HDDs of the PS3 its really stupid to download extra crap you don't need like they want you to as the HDD gets full really quick. I got a 160GB and I've just deleted 30GB of install data just to find out the games I downloaded will expire in 24 days. What a waste of download. I've now turned off all the Plus features and cant wait for the plus icon to disappear from my name as its an icon of a sucker.

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