Yo Forum,

I've been really thinking lately and realised that there is already an option that allows us to run homebrews with our vita, its called the sony playstation mobile developer open beta.

Why dont developers start porting games/apps to that? The battle with the half byte loader, games that run and sony's patchers will go on for ages and it will be patched over and over again causing us people who like legitimate homebrew to loose money if we continuously purchase the psn app. And this cat and mouse game may not go anywhere.

I know that the dev kit by sony currently does not have as many options as a half byte loader would but its a start. Many developers have creating apps that work and do not require half byte at all. For example theres Tank Wars and another app that controls remote helicopters.

Another issue im worried about is piracy. It happened to the psp and with no doubt if it strikes on the vita, thanks to the work of a random bad developer (in my opinion) its going to be the downfall of the console. Ive witnessed it happen to the psp and dont want another awesome console to be lost.

What are your opinions? I think we should acknowledge the software Sony has given us and try it. I mean its decent and they are 'to some extent' giving us a hand.

Your thoughts?