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    PS Vita Firmware xTractor Homebrew App by SKFU Arrives

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    This weekend PlayStation Vita homebrew developer SKFU has released a PS Vita Firmware xTractor application for the PC which allows users to extract the PSVita Firmware from Sony's new handheld game console followed by v1.01 and version 2.00 below!

    Download: PS Vita Firmware xTractor / PS Vita Firmware xTractor v1.01 / PS Vita Firmware xTractor v2.00

    From his site: Since a more or less short break from public posts I am back with a little tool called "PS VITA Firmware xTractor".

    For now it only works with firmware 00.945.040, tho surely I will update it sooner or later. Just a short info about the firmware itself, it is not unencrypted like the PS3 ones.

    The tool is meant for those who will join the VITA scene as a little sign that you are not alone Crawl out of your holes and come up with your tools and research, guys!

    I hope the PS VITA scene will not fck up as the PS3 scene did over the last months cuz of the piracy infected environment. If you ask anyone who was with the beginning of the PS3 scene it was much more fun without the commercial sense behind it all.

    Without this sht it would even have saved many talented people of a lot of trouble. Nevertheless I hope to see the good guys back at VITA!

    Greetz to the ones who kept it real,

    - SKFU

    PS Vita Firmware xTractor Homebrew App by SKFU Arrives

    More PlayStation 3 News...
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    Sorry for the double post, but if anyone has the PS Vita firmware download handy it would be much appreciated if you post it here.

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    Thanks for the news HeyManHRU, I have moved it to the main page now and +Rep!

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    I should snag a PS Vita while the firmware is still early lol...

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    WTF? This hasn't even been released...

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    Ok, so this will extract 30 files regardless of what you input. It will also extract the Binary of ANY file you put into it, and it lets you input any file. This is what it will look like:

    This can be used for other things too.

    This is seems to have little something to it that doesn't give me a good feeling though... but it's a good step.
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    i didn't know the vita was avail yet..

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    Lightbulb PS Vita Firmware xTractor v1.01 for Windows and Linux Arrives

    My guess is it may be based on PS Vita (official) developer tools, according to guys on IRC SKFU has had some PS Vita connections for awhile now.

    Another update to version 1.01: streetskaterfu.blogspot.com/2011/11/ps-vita-fw-xtractor-101-update-linux.html

    Here a little update for the PS VITA FW xTractor:

    Because of some requests I compiled a linux version. The download is available below.

    As well I added a simple check for the input file validation. On linux I didnt bother to fix graphical issues, yet.

    Version updated to 1.01.

    Download 1.01 WIN: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LEM0CQWK
    Download 1.01 LNX: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=985G7MGF


    - SKFU

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    YAY I hope this one will be the first step of an hacked PSVITA on day 1

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    I wonder what Sony will say about that if that happens


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