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    Foo Guest
    As I searched PlayStation Japan... I found nothing. No software updates, I found a list, but no downloads. I'm still not fully into this...

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    He He - Sony can use this in their marketing campaign for Vita: "With the Community support from day one ..." ROFL

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Arrow PS Vita Firmware xTractor 2.00 Update is Released

    For those following, here is a PS Vita Firmware xTractor version 2.00 update by SKFU as well: streetskaterfu.blogspot.com/2011/11/ps-vita-firmware-xtractor-200.html

    Download: PS Vita Firmware xTractor 2.00

    From his page, to quote: And here we go with version 2.00: As the last version was hardcoded for a specific firmware, this new version supports any PS VITA firmware file.

    As well graphic bugs which appeared for some users should been fixed now. As a little extra I implemented an information tab, which shows various info about the loaded firmware.

    Information about the single files will be added in the next release, to be honest I was to lazy to implement it for now

    In the next days I will compile it for Linux and MAC, so anyone can use it.

    Thanks for the support I got, to everyone who deserves it.

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    Foo Guest
    Manz listened Now for a firmware...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    PS Vita Firmware xTractor Homebrew App v2.01 Update Arrives

    Following up on his previous releases, today PlayStation Vita developer SKFU has updated his PS Vita Firmware xTractor homebrew application to version 2.01 and included a Linux build.

    Download: PS Vita Firmware xTractor Homebrew App v2.01 (Windows) / PS Vita Firmware xTractor Homebrew App v2.01 (Linux)

    To quote: PS VITA Firmware xTractor 2.01

    Linux version compiled and attached below.

    I just updated the PS VITA FW xTractor, changelog is attached below.

    The 2.00 version had a problem setting the filenames correctly as the 1.0+ updates have different files than the older ones. Anyway, enjoy...
    • Filename fix
    • Download FW added
    • Minor stuff

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    longhornx Guest
    there's a way to decrypt psv pkg's?

  7. #27
    moja Guest
    Man, you're on it SKFU. Perhaps there will be v5 by the time I get a Vita in my hands.

  8. #28
    EiKii Guest

    Sony PlayStation Vita Encryption Flaw Uncovered by Hacker SKFU?

    Following up on his previous update, today PlayStation Vita hacker SKFU reports that he may have uncovered a PS Vita encryption flaw.

    To quote from his page: Since I finally have access to a retail PS VITA, today I started with some basic tests.

    After a complete freeze of the system within the first 5 minutes after unboxing (*always happens to new consoles 4 me rofl*), I went on and noticed that there is a problem with the VITA's encryption functions and was able to decrypt some test files directly via the system.

    I will post updates as soon as I have news

    - SKFU

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Ah yes soooo sweet. If they would have spend the same time on the real security they have spend for locking users out or to spy on them this wouldn't be happen. That's one of the things i mean. Spending time to force us and spy on us but impotently to deliver a system that is nearly really good produced and have just a few unimportant flaws.

  10. #30
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Yeah, they probably spent more time on making a new memory card for the Vita rather than ensuring that their system is secure.

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