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    PS Vita Firmware / System Update 3.52 Arrives, Blocks Rejuvenate Exploit

    Following their previous update, today Sony released PlayStation Vita Firmware / System Update 3.52 which according to developer Yifan Lu blocks the recently released Rejuvenate exploit by revoking PSM support, followed shortly after by a 3.55 stability fix revision as well.

    Download: PS Vita Firmware 3.52 Update (US) / PS Vita Firmware 3.52 Update (EU) / PS Vita Firmware 3.52 Update (JP) / Bubble on 3.51 and higher.mp4 / PS Vita Firmware 3.55 Update (US) / PS Vita Firmware 3.55 Update (EU) / PS Vita Firmware 3.55 Update (JP)

    Related Tweets:
    • From PlayStation: PS Vita system software update 3.52 is coming soon, it's a minor update designed to improve stability

    • From Yifan Lu: Sony says: "Please stop using and delete PSM Development Assistant" (en-support.psm.playstation.net/app/answers/detail/a_id/347)


    • From Yifan Lu: Do NOT update to 3.52 if you ever want to run Rejuvenate. Even if you can't download/use PSM DevAssistant, hold off on 3.52 for now!

    From wololo:

    PS Vita firmware 3.52 is out, and it patches the Rejuvenate hack, by revoking PSM from the device.

    If you are running the Rejuvenate hack, or are hoping to run it, do not update to firmware 3.52. This “stability” update has the only goal of blocking the recently released native hack.

    Just like many other stability updates on the PS vita, the sole goal of this update is to slow down the hacking scene, and this will not bring any stability whatsoever. Add it to the pile of updates Sony released only for the sake of the scene

    For those of you who do not have a publisher’s license but have the PSM Dev App installed, we’re still figuring out the timing to release PSM+, the tools that will let you run Rejuvenate without a publisher’s license.

    It is important at this point that as many people as possible stay on 3.51 or lower. A significant amount of people running the Rejuvenate hack could make a huge difference in how lively the PS vita scene will become in the months to come.

    I have lots of things to announce to follow up on the hack release, unfortunately the timing is not perfect on my end as I just switched jobs and don’t have the time I want to spend on this. Please bear with me.

    Finally, from xmaxkatsu via Twitter comes news of a new Puzzle Scape PSP (ePSP) game exploit for PS Vita Firmware 3.52 and below:
    • qwikrazor87: interesting, Sony didn't seem to patch one of the kexploits, still works on 3.51. >->-|:
    • qwikrazor87: can't get ark running with that kexploit for now though, crashes on an "interrupt". :|
    • reprep: I got a super idea. Call TN to port TN-V to it.
    • qwikrazor87: after the crap that happened, I doubt he'd do it.
    • xmax katsu: NPEZ00001 3.51 only flasher maybe 3.52 no test

    Download: NPEZ00001SCENE0(2).rar (1.45 KB)

    From atreyu187: Qwik confirmed Sony only patched two of the three known kxploits. ARK-2 crashes ATM but he thinks it can be fixed. VHBL is pretty much a given at this point but if TN-V will be ported is yet to be seen.

    Ever since qwik leaked TN-V11 total_noob has been silent. No updates to that on TN-X are to be seen as of yet.

    Update: Qwikrazor has now made available VHBL for Pool Hall Pro (PHP) with details below:

    Download: FW352_PHP_US_VHBL_distrib.zip (For US 3.52 FW) / FW352_PHP_US_VHBL_distrib_v2.zip (For US 3.51 FW) / 138MenuL4.rar

    VHBL (limited) for PHP US 3.52 (menu tested and working on 3.51, but 1MB crap still exists).

    From atreyu187: Tested by myself (qwikrazor87) on 3.51 with 138 menu L4. The menu runs fine but there is the 1 MB crap that limits what you can run. Start game > load > Arcade Mode > ???

    Finally, from 173210 comes news of a new PSP game exploit for the Japanese game Detective Opera Milky Holmes 1.5 trial version - Episode 1 formation, Milky Holmes! meaning PS Vita 3.52 VHBL is also likely incoming. Stay tuned!

    Update #2: Qwikrazor87 (via hackinformer.com/forum/thread-490-post-1801.html#pid1801) has now released a 3.52 TN-V11 Bubble with details below.

    Download: FW352_TN-V11_bubble.zip / FW352_TN-V11_bubble.zip (Mirror) / FW352_TN-V11_bubble.zip (Mirror #2) / FW352_TN-V11_bubble.zip (Mirror #3) / FW352_TN-V11_bubble.zip (Mirror #4)

    Here's the 3.52 TN-V11 bubble, tested and working on 3.52, should work for 3.51, 3.52 and 3.55.

    If you really want to use it on 3.55, make sure to install the bubble first on 3.52 or lower, then update to 3.55, I do not recommend updating to 3.55 though, unless you want to.

    Update #3: Qwikrazor87 has now revealed a new exploit game (Mimana Iyar Chronicle) for PS Vita Firmware 3.55 in North America and Japan.

    This new exploit game can enable you to install an ARK-2 or TN-V11 Custom Bubble despite being on PS Vita firmware 3.55.

    This exploit games only purpose is to install an ARK-2 or TN-V11 Custom Bubble on your system software 3.55 PlayStation Vita.

    This new exploit game enables you to install a 3.5x Custom Bubble for firmware 3.55 while already being on system software 3.55 itself.

    To quote: 3.50+ ARK pboot bubbles (3.55 exploit added)

    Here are the pboot bubbles I released a while back on twitter, posting them here so it's easier to be found. For those of you using the MajorGas ARK files, please grab the ark save from one of these files for your firmware.

    I have disabled the patch in the MajorGas ARK for creating EBOOT.PBP and PBOOT.PBP, updating to this ARK will fix that issue. Added Mimana Iyar Chronicle for US, JP is on hold until it is tested.

    Download: FW355_Mimana_US_ARK_installer.zip / FW352_PHP_US_ARK_installer.zip / FW352_PuzzleScape_EU_ARK_installer.zip / FW352_Rockman_JP_ARK_installer.zip / FW352_WOP_EU_ARK_installer.zip / FW350_APE_US_ARK_installer.zip / FW350_PHP_US_ARK_installer.zip / FW350_PuzzleScape_EU_ARK_installer.zip / FW350_Rockman_JP_ARK_installer.zip / FW350_WOP_EU_ARK_installer.zip

    From Twitter: JP files are on hold until they are tested. For now, here is for US exploit for 3.55. Mimana Iyar Chronicle... btw, I couldn't find Mimana US on Vita PSN, could buy it on web store, and check Vita download list though.

    More PlayStation Vita News...

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    getsnip3d Guest


    Will this work for sure i need to know before i use it on my console

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    misiozol Guest
    Still do not get behavior of $ony like gardener's dog they publicly admit they abandon this console and basically dropping project.

    Now someone comes and say hay let's make some awesome apps and hack device and unleash it's full potential so device can become more popular and start selling more of units hopefully ppl will recognize it's full potential and vita will in fact become owner of it's name.

    More ppl will buy more games as now it's not even about piracy as games for vita are crap anyway and you can count good games on fingers both hands not much to pirate there any ways , sometimes I feel like most strategic decisions on how to make money and customers happy would be more effective when on top would be sitting bunch of trained chimpanzees.

    Shame I'm writing this to ease my anger on their ways and some CEO would not read this in hope of some tranquility and understanding.

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    icouldberaff Guest
    Sony's really fast.. Fast on blocking exploits. Fast on abandoning their baby handheld. *sigh. Here's to hoping they actually have some surprises for the vita fans and lovers out there. *sarcasm*

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    fichin82 Guest
    they can not stop it , they can not slow it down... hack the planet (yes, i like that movie ! shut up !)

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