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    Nabnab Guest

    PS Vita Debug Information Accessed via USB Interface

    Just a gift for PS3News and thanks to everyone.. PS Vita Access: http://pastebin.com/hk6nigZz

    It's also a answer to the Scott security claim, i don't release the method now because it's too early, i already release the debug usb method available on pastebin too that you need to use with LibUSB driver Windows PS Vita and soon mac OS (not related to CMA but a alternative)

    Just saw that CMA Mac OS = Based on my works confirmed by a person who works for Sony Customer Relation

    For now it's all you gonna have. I confirm with this pastebin that i have all the possible access to the PS Vita

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Amazing. Appears we are having better luck with the PSV than the PS3. I am looking to expand the knowledge of the PSV as well if you are interested in contacting me.

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    Nabnab Guest
    Also about the PS Vita you remember i reveal few weeks ago/over month the method to access to the hidden system information on the PS Vita.. Sony Patched the method on 1.60/1.61

    About the HBL i'm sorry to say that but it's already over (Sony will prevent this by updating soon the system to run only ARM native program and don't use anymore the MIPS Wrapper) 1.65/1.70 come soon

    They didn't block the Debug and not sure they can block it

    About the Transfer Files without CMA that i was showing on a youtube video.

    -On MAC OS, use the Application Share and WebShare (or use a alternative on Windows)
    -DNS Settings/Proxy server on your PS Vita -> Add the IP of your iMac/Macbook/hackintosh/Windows Computer
    and put the files on your webshare that you want to transfer or show on your PS Vita
    -Open the Navigator of the PS Vita and write the IP of your computer, press enter
    and you would see all the files from your computer, you just need to click on it to transfer that on your PS Vita

    (nothing related to the debug access etc...)

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    mrlowalowa Guest
    Dude.. You are amazing and have too much time

    Great work

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    cfwprophet Guest
    The part about the webshare is already known and was discovered weeks ago from some one else

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    Nabnab Guest
    What are you talking about ? the part of webshare was discovery by me and explained by me on the video from over month ago
    if you don't have anything to say, please don't post in this thread.

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    Nabnab Guest
    OK Actually two method give you the possibility to go under Debug USB PS Vita

    The debug USB key button mode only work with a old firmware.
    The debug USB and more access on new firmware is different and work on a specific mechanism that need to exploit ioctl.

    I'm talking about a full access to the system.

    Did you know why they take off the facebook app from the PS Vita ?... because facebook app include a fail algo that let you execute unsigned code hello arm coding

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    mrlowalowa Guest
    that is something that I would call Epic FAIL!!

    They do not really learn about their failours before, or do they?

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    Nabnab Guest
    They learn but a USB connectivity working also with windows app, i don't call that a super security (i can say that the 3DS is more secure than the PS Vita) when you know that the USB connectivity talk too much

    Small update about the Full Access


    More infos Full Access PS Vita Information

    On the new firmware, the debug usb mode work differently (the key button doesn't work on it) That you need to use a mechanism that exploit the ioctl to call the debug usb mode and more

    CMA use specific point and include secret key the unique key of your PS Vita are save in a special cache on your Windows for example and as you can see if you check the key of CMA on your windows reg, you can find that the CMA work in read-only mode that you can't modify and only Sony can modified this (this is pretty illegal, it works like a spyware/malware that let Sony control your computer) anyway this can be fixed, check your reg

    For now, i need to keep that secret for while but i give you some clue
    When you connect the PS Vita to your computer (use a USB Log), i already explain that before but i do again, the PS Vita try to connect to the Sony server by the help of CMA Application (globalsign server also) that confirm everythings is ok and updated.

    Open CMA.exe with a hexa editor and copy all the http/https and add them into your hosts file.

    if you want to exploit your PS Vita, again, check into the ioctl !! it's important ever kernel Unix or Win NT use this for the USB rooting

    About Facebook App on the PS Vita recently retired
    One of the reason was maybe because the Facebook App allow us to run unsigned code on the PS Vita (ARM Code what's up)

    This was a badly fail but don't worry, i can say that the PS Vita is already so open (i don't like to use the word hacked) but Open is better to represent how the PS Vita offer more information than what we are thinking

    Also to my friends that made VHBL, better to release that now before the update 1.65/1.70

    Sony already know and would release a cutie update to prevent this thing (remember not anymore MIPS Wrapper and welcome ARM native program)
    Anyway the PS Vita use Third-Party Software that you can find some source on the Web

    About technical USB information (that is important to know) sure that some people saw it

    The USB Port of the PS Vita have 21 Pin
    The USB Cable of the PS Vita have only 9 Pin (12 pin out)

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    Nabnab Guest
    More infos about IOCTL Access/Control and also CMA Request under Mac OS


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