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    Griever2kx Guest
    No i don't expect an Iso Loader I'm interested in develop better emulators for the Vita in the Future. I'm still learning how to do this, but first i need a Vita.

    Here's my other question, my Vita arrived at Home today and has the FW 1.06... here's my question. When i get home from work, should i connect to the US-SEN and download the Netflix App and go to 1.61 or should i stay on 1.06...

    Thanks for the Links, i''ll look into it.

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    racer0018 Guest
    From what I have read the exploit that was said to be on there still is on it after the update. I update both of mine.

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    Griever2kx Guest
    Yeah! I know that this wasn't been patched at the Moment, but what i read, it's easier on lower Firmwares to get access to it. (Nabnab said, that it can't be patched... we will see)

    Fortunately a Friend of mine had an Mac...

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    Nabnab Guest
    1- it's the basic of the endpoints, i already explain what is for, i'm not going to repeat again the endpoints, most of the USB Driver/exploit it's to use the endpoints http://www.beyondlogic.org/usbnutshe...intDescriptors and http://www.makelinux.net/ldd3/chp-13-sect-1 , the spare control don't exist, you are talking about the bulk use a spare un-allocated (after using all allocated point), also if you check correctly you can find the correct size of the data payload on the endpoint description (related to isochronous)

    2- I was talking about the debug button trick that can use under a old firmware PS Vita that let you go on a Debug USB/Arm mode, after it's hope to you to exploit the debug also i wonder who doing the blabla in here don't be unrespectful, reminds me a person who talking like you, anyway

    3- Yes that is more detail about the source of the SDK PS Vita/CMA but i'm not going to talk about that (it was a detail that a add under my pastebin, it's a clue) the .h you will not find ever on the PS Vita for the rest, connectivity, system, etc.. it's under the PS Vita

    4- Actually IOCTL it's the abbreviation of I/O Control, all the info is here but if you can understand better to stop in here and wait (the Python script is not even related, the Python script is one of the way to exploit the PS Vita and make a alternative driver) that help to understand the PS Vita

    the IOCTL can be used with the IOKIT framework that is related to the driver/system execution/control, that what the CMA use to transfer/control the PS Vita (back the endpoint mister) that exist also on Windows dev http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/libr...(v=vs.85).aspx

    5- Like i said stop in here if you don't know how to use the endpoint or try to learn, i'm not going to explain all that, i can help yes but not explaining a story about the endpoint, if you are a software engineer, i wonder why you don't know that, a application that related to the driver execution need to know where to write to load the USB hardware, maybe you don't make application related to the USB Control

    i log is only here to tell you where the information goes and what happen, it's also a help and the base where you need to watch, you need to go under development, i already said to use X-Code/IOKit Framework, OpenOCD, etc...
    the communication is between 0x81 and 0x02, 0x83 interrupt the tranmission, use getreport that let you check the control pipe and know and check the raw descriptor-report that let you understand more.

    the complete explanation is here and everything that you need for that, if you check the easy way (like the debug trick method) forget about it, i never said it would be easy to use my method that's why i'm working on it for a easy way that let the people just click and run

    6-Man page of ioctl, nothing more to say ? mmm actually i show the man control of IOCTL and that you need to launch a terminal under MacOS/Linux/BSD (i'm not talking about windows in here
    and for windows it's deviceiocontrol) for the rest is more than useful, it show what CMA control when the PS Vita is connected to the USB port, as you can see CMA work under a kernel mode control
    of the Mac OS System

    The thread of CMA communication

    [Register or Login to view code]

    If you can understand this, i can't help more, sorry

    7- It's useful because the CMA only work under a monitor mode to control the device, if you want to exploit a USB Hardware, that you need to control the kernel of your own system that to execute what you need without have problem with permission, the mach also virtual memory, the control of the PS Vita it's also here that let the PS Vita think the Application is the right one (signature/encryption)

    you don't need anymore internet, you can control the transfer and even more but like i said, you need also and more know the ARM Architecture for understand how to write/read under a external signal

    8- I told that the debug trick mode, it was usefull only with a old firmware and by using the libusb windows that i release in the beginning of january, stop insulting and say i'm evasive. if you can't understand, i'm sorry but i'm not going to accept that style of conclusion, i give many many info and i still helping, explaining the last pastbin show you the link to understand the Arm architecture, it give you a lot of information about the debug, the jtag, usb external signal etc...

    The CMA it's the base not the conclusion IOCTL it's the best part to exploit what you need, that already explaining a lot, please check the Arm pdf and the endpoint/IOCTL recommendation.

  5. #35
    Nabnab Guest
    You can use the debug trick method with the libusb psvita windows driver that a release over month ago but you also need to have Windows SDK to have more control of your kernel and system that let you fix the stupid hierarchy control (register) and check the low-level program that control your system/kernel for example -> CMA

    After that i can't help you more under windows, i don't like the unstability of this OS that don't let you to do everything.

  6. #36
    D3mone Guest
    Thank you, this will be useful to understand exactly how you achieved that and what is the next step to have native homebrews and not PSP homebrews.

    And if you have time, I'm still willing to speak with you by live messenger, irc, skype...

  7. #37
    jotax Guest

    i can't help, sorry


    seems a good job but not understand when, you will have something to practice? (no offense) have much technicality

  8. #38
    Nabnab Guest
    Hi everybody,

    Some great news on my work PS Vita.

    1- I can crash easily the system with the USB and dev execution (my CMA PS Vita crash badly and freeze the system)
    2- I found a easy wait to read/write on the PS Vita system
    3- CMA = Pretty Pretty Bad Spyware that control all your action, better to make a alternative

    Also i don't put all my dev load on the pastbin, so heavy stuff but check the partial (that can help other dev) unfortunately i can't help for now on Windows because i'm working only on Mac OS, the dev that want to know how to debug CMA on MacOS, please let me know


  9. #39
    D3mone Guest
    Hi Nabnab,

    I'm sorry if you feel attacked and/or insulted I wasn't trying to be disrespectful. It was just my dev' curiosity who need to be feed.

    All your previous pastebin was information dispatched and not always easy to gather them together. For your point of you, it's easy because you have everything in you hands, but I think that you can understand that from the point of view of another person some clarifications are necessary to understand exactly what you are achieving and how we can reproduce what you have done.

    By the way, I'm under Mac OS and interested to know how to debug CMA on MacOS.

  10. #40
    Griever2kx Guest
    I see you doing well in ''open'' the Vita i'm still read the hints you left and try to learn more about ARM.

    Can you please answer my question!!! FW 1.06... should i stay at 1.06 because its much easier to enter the Debug-Mode ?

    Thank you.

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