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Thread: PS Vita 1.50 Firmware Update & Content Manager Assistant Out

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    Griever2kx Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Nabnab View Post
    You don't need to spend 20 bucks on a digital psp game, i also reveal another game that can be use that it's free and available on every PSN take a look (it's also a demo, the only one PSP Demo that is available for PS Vita)
    On US-SEN or on EU-SEN ? I haven't connect my Vita to the Internet yet.

    never Mind. Got it. Thanks for the Info!

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    Driveskull Guest
    The game is Ape Quest.

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    Brenza Guest
    Has sony removed the game from the store? o.O

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    gotyuri Guest
    The game doesn't seem available in US.

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    ModderFokker Guest
    Us version doesn't work anyway...

    Note for North American readers: that game, despite being available on the US Store, is marked as not compatible with the Vita in the US. People who have bought it in the US and tried to transfer it to their vita have failed as far as I know, which is why a few days ago I recommended people in the US to get a European PSN account.
    Seems sony removed the game from all stores... better be quick and get the other game that has the exploit ...FAST !!!

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    technodon Guest
    my purchased download content has been removed! very naughty SONY..

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    ModderFokker Guest
    How do you mean ? They removed the game from your Vita ?

    I downloaded both games to my Vita and haven't turned it on since.

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    technodon Guest
    i mean when i go to the purchase content download list the game i purchased has been removed also..

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    ModderFokker Guest
    Yeah they're offline atm i believe

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    Kraken Guest
    Now that we know that $ony will remove games without an exploit actually being released, can we troll them by announcing exploits for their most popular games. Eventually they will get sick of losing revenue for no reason, and will delay the time until they pull games. This would potentially give people more time to buy them in the future.

    The only problem is communicating which one is real to the community without $ony knowing.

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