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Thread: PS Vita 1.50 Firmware Update & Content Manager Assistant Out

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    Transient Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by elser1 View Post
    i'm so torn whether to buy one of these or not.. i'd love one but then something by sonys "evilness" puts me off.. what to do.. i think its still a month or 2 till it gets released in australia so by then i guess i'll made my mind up.. anyways happy new years all...
    You could always wait a bit and buy used (or broken if you can fix it) off eBay. No gain for Sony there. Of course, if you buy games then they'll be making money off that, but if you just want it for research and hacking purposes, then it's a good way to go.

    I know I'll be getting one one way or another. I don't even really play many games, I just enjoy tinkering with electronics too much.

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    cfwprophet Guest

    PS Vita Half Byte Loader (HBL) Progress Update By Wololo

    Following up on his previous update, PlayStation Vita hacker wololo has shared a progress update on the PS Vita Half Byte Loader (HBL).

    Additionally, Nabnab has also made available a video showcasing some hidden PS Vita information for those interested!

    To quote: A quick report: Iím making some progress on porting HBL to the Vita. Although Iím sad to say that I canít get syscall estimation to work, I got some major homebrews such as Doom to run already, so overall I think itís in an acceptable shape.

    Because it is roughly stable now, today I focused on porting HBL to the EU version of the exploited game (I was working Ė obviously Ė on the Japanese version of the game so far). This went smoothly and I can confirm HBL runs fine on the EU version of the game, although of course I could only test on a PSP, not on a Vita.

    I used the opportunity to refresh my two guides, how to write a binary loader and how to port HBL. The guides are now simplified, and the binary loader tutorial now has download links to the tools used in the examples.

    Writing the first ďusableĒ version of HBL for the patapon exploit took several developers and about 4 months. Thanks to the portability of HBL, bringing it to Teck4′s exploit took me only a few days. Adapting that to the EU version took a couple hours (including porting the exploit itself), so I am confident for the US version.

    [imglink=|PS Vita Half Byte Loader (HBL) Progress Update By Wololo][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Prince Valiant Guest
    The advantage of Sony using PC software to try and manage things, it can easily be cracked

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    Nabnab Guest
    Hi Everybody.

    I made a video to show some hidden informations of the PS Vita

    Still working on CMA Mac OS (also compatible with Linux) and i maybe found a way to mount the storage of the PS Vita (memory card)

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Are you sure that this is of you ? I found several sources on the net they reported that this comes from an chinese site called emuonpsp and also have made available the key combo used to display that.

    Japanese site emuonpsp reported today that a combination of keys was found in the settings menu to display some hidden information about the firmware installed on your Playstation vita.

    This menu contains information about the system build, repository, revision,… doesn’t look like it’s super useful information for now, but still interesting I guess.

    The combination to get this menu to show requires practice but I could confirm it works on my vita (Firmware 1.510).

    Go to Settings > System > System Information
    Press simultaneously RTrigger + LTrigger + DPad Left + Square for a few seconds
    Release those buttons then immediately press the start button
    tadaa, additional information shows up
    ps. the vid was taken by silw no word of a Nabnab anywhere.

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    Nabnab Guest
    It was me, somebody told me that a Japanese Website called emuonpsp talked about it the next day after i said it.

    I told to one person what i found about the combo key few days ago but apparently he already told to somebody, i made the video 3 January (French time) and before the website emuonpsp talked about it, that's why i didn't understand what happened and i don't even know who emuonpsp is until today.

    silw -> it's me... This is part of my work and my investigation on the PS Vita...

    Now about combo key, I was the guy talking about the first combo key (glitch/debug/recovery) on Vita. From the beginning I was wotking on the PS vita and already explained many things about it and this one too.

    Silw is just a name I have, I don't understand what's wrong with some people, I give some help, i'm showing stuff and explain how to do it and after alll You tell me it's bs, who are you to judge me, do you know my life, respect other people thanks

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Keep up good work, Nabnab, I once had some small ps3 games-related projects here on ps3news too, so I honestly wish you good luck. Cheers!

    Also, if you want, you may open a separate thread here, where you can give details about your work / keep us up to date. Correct me if I'm wrong, plz

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    cfwprophet Guest
    I know that forum mate !! As i has started on ACiD the very first PS3 CFW peoples started to bash me and my team and always wanted some prove or called me bad words. I'm no learned coder i do this all by my owen and learn what i need to accomplish the job. Till today i hold some mods/hacks in my private that others ps3 cfw's still don't have like a FW embeded Half-File Manager. Or on the Wii my work on the Unbrick Disks i hold some info that let peoples boot my disk's without the need of any RescueMenu hack.

    Kiddyz always popping up and want some prove or try to bash. But i'll release the info when i want and not only for prove my self to others. Maybe when i get back a ps3 i'll start again and finish what i have started for over one year. Most peoples just adding hacks or code of already released stuff and try to get attention.

    As i said if i finish my work and release it it will have features no one other CFW till now has beside the fact i for sure also implement already released good stuff.

    With simply words: I hear you and im with you

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    Nabnab Guest
    I leave you a small python script i made to detect the PS Vita on MacOS/Linux/Windows (you need to have PyUSB/Python), you can test it to be sure that your PS Vita is recognized without CMA. You can also launch a PS Vita game and leave the USB Plug on (still recognized)

    One problem i found about the detection of the PS Vita, you can't let the PS Vita go in Standby mode...

    I found also something weird and i was wondering if some people who has a PS Vita can test ? Turn off the PS Vita (wait the end of the PS Logo blue light) Hold PS Logo button for 10sec and stay hold the button and try to turn back on the PS Vita, normaly you can't
    and it has something to do with a debug USB mode, didn't find yet, i'm working on my MacOS/Linux driver PS Vita and also something else i can't talk right now (too early and too much bug)

    Here is the script

    I just add a picture of the command/script

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    Nabnab Guest
    Hello Everybody.

    Sorry i forgot to give you another python script i made (it can read some information of the PS Vita Configuration/Endpoints)

    The first script = test to detect the PS Vita on Linux/MacOS/Windows without using CMA

    The second script = read the configuration/endpoints information of the PS Vita (work on Linux/MacOS/Windows) just need to have pyUSB/Python to use the script.

    On the second script you will have this result

    PS Vita Found ! PS Vita information:
    bConfigurationValue: 1
    bInterfaceNumber: 0
    bAlternateSetting: 0
    bLength: 9
    bEndpointAddress: 129
    bEndpointAddress: 2
    bEndpointAddress: 131

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