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Thread: Proof of Concept PSP Emulator for PC available!

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    Proof of Concept PSP Emulator for PC available!

    Soywiz has built a PSP emulator for the PC using a debugger with D programming language and DFL library.

    At the moment all it can do is perform some instructions and some BIOS calls, but in the future it may develop into much more.

    Download: PoC PSP Emulator for PC

    To quote: This is a proof of concept I made of a PSP Emulator with a debugger using D programming language (Walter Bright) and DFL library (Chris Miller).

    This emulator is based in another great opensource emulator psplayer (Noxa) and the laudable work of ps2dev community. Demos included are part of the pspsdk.


    (2008/03/01) Partial (and buggy) lighting support. Some cleanups. Starting gui for breakpoints and gpu (not working yet). Corrected callstack. Some fixes; more homebrew demos supported. Temporally skinning broken. Temporally shaders disabled. Updated binaries. Reduced size of the font used in dissasembler and memory viewer. Allowing reduce dissasembler window size; now imports won't overlap). Initial support of opening files (not working fine yet). Threading support currently disabled (I have to fix some issues). mstick and reflection demos not supported yet.

    BTW: control+g in dissasembler & memory viewer to go to any address (can use expressions like pc+a0*4 or static hexadecimal adresses 0xXXXXXXXX or mixed 0xXXXXXXXX+v0*16). Double click in a register to modify it. Expressions can be used also in register changing. Supports decimal numbers, hexadecimal (ex. 0xF3) and binary (ex. 0b101)

    [imglink=|Proof of Concept PSP Emulator for PC available!][/imglink]

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    Mathieulh Guest
    looks great, I am looking forward to it's progress !

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    Soywiz's PSP Emulator 2012-04-07 (r256) for PC

    Here is another update to Soywiz's PSP Emulator 2012-04-07 (r256) for PC with details below, as follows:

    Download: Soywiz's PSP Emulator 2012-04-07 (r256) for PC / Soywiz's PSP Emulator 2012-04-07 (r256) for PC (Mirror)

    To quote via

    This version has major improvements:
    • Module loading (this allow more games to run, including some software like PRX Decrypter or LUA Player)
    • Automatical EBOOT decryption. It will decrypt EBOOTs on the fly. This will allow lots and lots of new games to start running. (But still requires some work to get most of them ingame).

    Note: with those improvements I have noticed lots of games start running, and some more starting like: Princess Crown and Ys The Ark of Napishtim.

    Minor improvements:
    • Now you can drag & drop executable files on the emulator window
    • Implemented bltzal/bltzall required for some games
    • Implemented DXT1
    • Fixed DX3 R<->B
    • Added lots of new APIs and fixed some of them.
    • Added a new versioning system. Releases now are denoted by the date eg: 20120407, git revision: 959572e63973662303c2dfd80f6fb60eaebb4072, and now also a count revision r256. This is an incremental number that indicates the number of commits to the repository.

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