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    kraxyk Guest

    Question Problem extracting images

    ok, so I am trying to extract images, and I am following a tutorial from your site. But even in the latest version I don't get how you find the umd_data.bin or where the psp_game folder is…

    can someone please help me??

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    Apr 2005
    Those should be in the root of your ISO file, as shown here: http://umdgen.ps4news.com/Image2.gif

    If they are not for your ISO, then we will need more details to help you. Such things as is it infact an .iso file you're trying to open in UMDGen, and what game/region/release version is it specificially or did you dump it yourself?

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    kraxyk Guest
    well I think I know what the problem is… it think its because I didn't extract one, but I don't know how to extract one, can you help with that

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