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    Post Your Results: Dark_AleX's 2.6 Downgrader Test

    I have a 1.5 but im just interested to know (and I have a few friends with 2.6) about the new "Downgrader Test For PSP 2.50/2.60 Firmware." If you tried it, did it work for you? Also what were the "side effects" if any ("some unusual side effects being reported")... I can't wait to see what happens with it. I'm sure (I hope) this method will be cleaned up/streamlined and it will become the standard for 2.6's to be downgraded, especially knowing Dark_AleX and his amazingness. But for now, any of you with 2.6 PSPs, please post here and let us all know how this goes for you.

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    Aside from that one guy who claimed it was working with some side-effects and a few other 'no-names' (commoners who nobody has heard of, likely attention-seeking kiddies) I haven't heard of anyone else using it successfully yet. Anyone here? Feel free to post your results if you've tried it... but I have a feeling most here were smart enough to buy and keep a v1.50 meaning no desire to even consider trying it. I fall into the latter category myself.

    Here is how to tell which PSP version you have:
    The following motherboards are either capable or not capable with the new 2.60/2.50 downgrader and MPH downgrader 2.0 to 1.50.


    No Code

    Not Capable:

    1C1003 a.k.a TA-082

    How to tell what Firmware version is in the PSP Box:

    American Box, Australian Box, Asian Box, and European Box pictures attached below!


    No letter = 1.0 (Japanese Release) 1.5 (North-American release) confirmed.

    A = 1.5 confirmed
    B = 1.51 confirmed
    C = 1.52 confirmed
    D = 1.52 confirmed
    E = 1.52 confirmed
    F = 2.0 confirmed
    G = 2.01 confirmed
    H = 2.50 confirmed
    I = 2.60 confirmed
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    PSP_Identify.jpg   American_PSP_Box.jpg   Australian_PSP_Box.jpg   Asian_PSP_Box.jpg   European_PSP_Box.jpg  

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    I'm curious as hell about this. I'm currently running 2.50 (bought it in that state) and I'm really tempted to try it out, although I've waited about 6 months for a 2.xx downgrader and it'll probably be worthy of general public use soon. I'm just waiting and crossing my fingers.

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    who got the gut to try out? Who got $300 to gamble?

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    Apr 2005
    Just a thought, if those who did claimed that they successfully downgraded their psp from 2.5/2.6 to 1.5 but with some side effects, why not try to re-update it back to 2.0 and then redowngrade it back to 1.5. This just came into my mind, not sure if it'll be helpful but if anyone is willing to try this, it would be great for some psp owners here on I owned a 1.5 psp, so none of these applies to me, but just curious.

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    I wouldnt even consider trying this out until there is a stable puplic release available. Most people who have 2.01 and upwards have been waiting a long time to be able to downgrade and should continue to wait and avoid temptation! My white 2.6 is staying as just that for the time being!!!

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    Keep this post ON TOPIC or you're getting BANNED you stupid kids! We don't want ANY discussion of 2.7 crap, etc ONLY results with this one- period!

    Staff: Feel free to delete ALL posts mentioning 2.7, or anything off-topic and to IP BAN the users.

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    somebody has to try it out just imagine playing hombrew iso loaders on your white psp. Just one person post pics or video of it working then you will probably be thanked for the rest of your psps life.

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    just tried this out and am confirming that it DOES NOT work, load the GTA Eboot loader, start the test downgrader and it just shuts off the PSP, turn it back on and still at 2.60 firmware.

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    my friends psp came as a 2.6, isnt there away to thet him use the downgrader eg format or restore all settings or something? please can somebody test this on a psp that came with 2.6, because it is very stupid how it works on peoples who have updated..

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