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    This may seem out of place, coming from a "newbie" to the forums, but as I've been actively modding my PSP for quite some time now, it may have some relevance to everyone who enjoys the scene:

    To all developers, programmers, etc:

    When creating ripkits, patches, editors, trainers, etc., PLEASE include the particular release, filesize, etc. of the game/file that your particular work requires. It's horribly frustrating to find out that a patch exists to make a new game I've bought run on 1.5 only to find out that I have to try and download some random group's release of a game that I've already bought--or worse, that the version that I've downloaded after finding out that I can't run the patch on a rip from my UMD isn't correct for the patch either.

    I don't mean to sound like I'm whining, and I'm sure that my "newness" to these forums (long time reader, just haven't had much to contribute) might make it seem that way. However, I'm just trying to get across that a small addition to the documentation included with most/all game mods for the PSP would save most end-users many, many hours of scouring, downloading, and experimentation.

    Thanks in advance for reading, and possibly heeding, my request.

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    I understand your point.

    however i haven't found an iso that won't work with devhook 4.6 fm 2.71, there for no real reasion to mess with ripkits or patches unless you are looking to mod the game in some fashion. you can just rip the untouch iso, and run it via devhook.

    otherwise good point.

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