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    PlayStation Vita Prototype PS Vita Demonstration Video Surfaces

    Today HassanJamal reports that ASSEMblergames.com on YouTube shared some PS Vita footage of a PlayStation Vita Prototype demonstration video, which apparently supported HDMI output, SD cards and had a different design as can be seen below.

    To quote: Posted either today or yesterday here and looks pretty legit, looking like a stepped up PSP go. Got the whole ps vita music background, touch and other vita stuffs.

    Notable things like swiping the back touch screen to move the home page up and down like in the browser, SD memory card, mini HDMI, USB connector, dual nubs, etc.

    Looks like a phone to me and I'd buy it. Sony, make a vita 3000 based on this.

    From L.O.R.D: Looking to my video history found this, its been leaked before.. there was about 84 prototype for the vita, and they destroyed most of them after the final device.

    PS Vita Prototype DEM-3000H or DEM-3000XXX (First DevKit)

    This particular device is the 84th iteration of the hundred Vita iterations (Prototypes) built during the system development. All the Prototypes got destroyed immediately after the final design was picked by the management.

    Also, as a devkit supports SD Cards instead of the known PS Vita Game cards, has a built in Mini-B USB port and a HDMI port with 720p output. Luckily it survived and now we know that this piece of hardware exists and how it looks like!

    Finally, from the video's caption: Thanks to my friend for the video of this rare machine. It uses full size SD cards instead the expensive and intentionally proprietary Sony memory cards that helped doom this system. Many great features removed because they want to limit the consumer to their brand accessories.

    More PlayStation Vita News...

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    dokko22 Guest
    nice news, thanks

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    rana2m15 Guest
    nice job.. that's so cool !

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    nkmt1979 Guest
    i hope someday to hack psvita

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    iLik3Mooding Guest
    nice now i know what to do

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    CoolMA Guest
    this is pretty cool

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    Knuttdogg104 Guest
    Sweet, this is the direction Sony should push for.

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    killaninja68 Guest
    Looks pretty badass!

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    test04 Guest
    First video is down. Anyone have a mirror? I think this vita looks better than the retail vita..

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    neojared Guest
    thanks SONY for screwing the vita

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