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    Starlight Guest

    PlayStation Store DRM Broken for PSP, NPDecryptor released!

    According to French-based site PSP Generation, homebrew developer CipherUpdate has released NPDecryptor, a utility for decrypting PlayStation Store bought PSP games such as flOw and Beats.

    Once decrypted, the titles can be played on any PSP running custom firmware, regardless of whether or not the license data is tied to your PSP.

    Download: NPDecryptor for PSP CFW 3.X

    How to use NPDecryptor?

    NOTE: The operation of NPDecryptor is guaranteed only in Custom Firmware 3.90 M33.

    - Download or buy in the usual way a play of PlayStation Store.
    - Install it thanks to Playstation Network Downloader.
    - Return in the file in which your play (ex is installed: PSP/GAME/UCUS12345),
    - Re-select the EBOOT.PBP in NP.PBP
    - Download NPDecryptor
    - Connect your PSP to your computer by USB.
    - Pass your PSP in Mode USB thanks to the option Connection USB.
    - Click with the right button on the file downloaded.
    - Choose Extract the files... (WinRAR must be installed).
    - Choose as destination the file in which is installed your play Playstation Store (ex: PSP/GAME/UCUS12345).
    - Support on OK, and await the complete extraction of the files.
    - Leave Mode USB of your PSP.
    - Return in small Game/Memory Stick menu for launching NPDecryptor

    NOTE: If you obtain this error (pictured below) it is that you do not have valid licence for the play which you try to decipher!

    Once the procedure finished, the ISO will have been created in the ISO file of your Memory Stick (ex: ISO/NPEG-12345.iso).

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    ytifle Guest
    nice! now we need download links to the store...

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    Apr 2005

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    Quote Originally Posted by ytifle View Post
    nice! now we need download links to the store...
    If anyone wants to share those similar to how we do the PS3 PSN Store links that is OK by me... I'm not into PSP myself though, so it would require those who are interested to post them and manage/update a list here.

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    JaD Guest
    That sound like a good news to me. But don't u think Sony probably take so action to fix this up?

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    Corko93 Guest
    they will probably just change the key, and have it cracked again within hours

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