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    ytifle Guest

    PlayStation Store Bug?

    We are all happy with the new PlayStation Store for the PC (http://store.playstation.com) and i have been playing with it for a bit.

    The first thing I did was login with my PS3 PSNetwork Account, and was perfectly greeted. Then I noticed in the options that I could activate my PSP to get the goodies from the web. I downloaded the program (The PSNDownloader [PSNDownloaderSetup.exe]) And installed it.

    I have a 3.52 M33 v4, and while I was downloading it, I realized that it needed the 3.70 version at least, so I then put my PSP to charge to do the upgrade (still charging atm). I then downloaded the Activation & Deactivation files, and saved them to my HDD. To make time, i opened them, and found that its quite simple files:


    [Register or Login to view code]

    And then i opened the other one


    [Register or Login to view code]

    So... I found that:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    So, weird. It must call an internet page, that if you poen it in the browser (normal), says that doesnt exist, so it might POST, ort something.

    The T2 i think its a time server.

    Also, i got the file (Yeah, the cake here) for the MGS demo, and saw this!!

    [Register or Login to view code]

    So, I now have to buy a game, to see if this is still ecual, and, if it is, we could do some magic, like in ps3 store!!

    When i put on 3.71 ill continue the investigations.

    Please, if YOU find something, CONTRIBUTE!!

    Ytifle, for PS3News, on 11/21/07

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    ytifle Guest
    Ok, so i updated, and when I installed MGS, i just could reach the menu, and i dont know if this is for the demo (just 7 mb big) or something else.

    Anyway its proven not to brick your console or anything.

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