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Thread: PlayStation Portable Firmware Update 5.01 Released!

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    PlayStation Portable Firmware Update 5.01 Released!

    As reported earlier today, PlayStation Portable Firmware Update v5.01 is now available for download.

    Download: PSP Firmware Update 5.01 (US) / PSP Firmware Update 5.01 (EU)

    To recap on the changes: We’ve since found an issue related to larger-capacity Memory Stick PRO Duos, which is addressed with update v5.01.

    When downloading content from the Store to a PSP with an 8 GB or 16 GB Memory Stick Duo media inserted, you may see a message indicating that the media does not have enough free space, even when sufficient space exists. Update 5.01 resolves this issue. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    this update is cool! i finally "activated my psp" and now i can play games on it without custom firmware, actual games not homebrew

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