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Thread: PlayStation Portable Custom Firmware 5.02 GEN-A Released!

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    Takavach Guest

    PlayStation Portable Custom Firmware 5.02 GEN-A Released!

    Miriam's PSP Custom Firmware 5.02 GEN-A is now available for the PlayStation Portable.

    Download: PSP Custom Firmware 5.02 GEN-A


    - Suspend, Reset and Pandora options added in the recovery.
    - Hide MAC Address can be enabled via configuration in recovery.
    - VSH Recovery can now be opened with an option in the vshmenu.
    - You can quickly exit the recovery by pressing the Select button.
    - Game Categories Plugin by Bubbletune integrated (enabled by default, can be disabled in recovery).
    - Option to reboot in to official firmware in the recovery, it will remain like this until the next cold reset. (Slim Only, support for the Phat PSP might be added later).
    - Slim Colors Patch by Bubbletune integrated, enable in the recovery and flash 13-27.bmp to your flash0. This will allow you to use the Slim Colors on your Phat PSP.
    - Higher homebrew compatibility compared to other 5.02 custom firmwares.
    - Functional 5.02 pops (keep pops compatibility in mind).

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    idone Guest
    Huh? good news!!

    thanks much, i might try this out today!!! (or tomorrow as time permits)

    never tried a non m33 fw yet.,..this may be the first.

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