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    awesome news indeed!

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    Bad news for everyone. One vital part of the story is missing. This is NOT a PSP or PSP2 phone. It runs Android - it just has controller buttons for gaming.

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    Sony Playstation 1
    Sony Playstation 2
    Sony Playstation portable
    Sony HDTV range
    Sony Playstation 3

    Yeh, my moneys on this being a massive success.

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    great idea, but not for me

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    I think it is fake guys...

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    Don't think it is a fake.

    The "Phone" looks, OK. But don't flash me, that I will go and buy it.

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    this is a great alternative for people who want a phone but don't want to carry a bulky psp.

    Obviously you can't fit a game pad and keyboard on a phone, so just use a real game pad and use a touch screen keyboard. Using touch screen for games is just stupid. It doesn't respond well enough.

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    Thats actually the new android i want !!

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    I remember Sony Ericsson tried to do this along time ago. but Sony refused and never gave them the get go. then again they might have done a deal or some sort for a later deal.

    Actually, check this out: mobiletoday.co.uk/sony_ericsson_playstation_psp_plans_refused_by_son y.html

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    i used to think the exact same way, you just never had the chance to really try an iphone i'm sure of that much...


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