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    Jun 2009
    if this ends up to be the so called "psp2" ima gunna be pissed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by izac01 View Post
    if this ends up to be the so called "psp2" ima gunna be pissed.
    No those are different.

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    Why is sony soo bad at supposedly keeping secrets is it just that people leak'n are getting paid well or sony just doesn't care bout if its leaked (seemed unhappy with pspGo at E3)

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    this is not psp2 i'm 100% sure, the psp2 is another device with a different OS and hardware, this probably would have an android OS!

    but i hope the Qualcomm MSM8655 has 3d acceleration, or i'll not buy this thing!

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    What a horrible device! is there even a designer involved in the development?? because i doubt it.

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    It's fake.. Oh well, we'll have to wait^^ (A/B button on screen etc etc)

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    Yes psp phone will have Android 3.0 (gingerbird), and according to google Android 3.0 will bring several enhacement including support for 3d games, so lets wait & see.

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    that fake chrome under buttons looks retarded.

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    Humm i wonder if someone will be able to extract the psp emulator from the phone and adapt it for normal android phones. Although it may have beefier chipsets than current phones

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    Looks very promising, time will tell, but i prefer a real PSP and cell phones!

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