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    playstation mag, new gta article

    i believe this came out today or a few days ago. the article says alot about the upcoming release and the story behind it. worth a look at. also that magazine gives sucky reviews... they gave coded arms a 2/5 wtf is that, that game rocks!

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    yeah i got that mag too, i know coded arms is getting horrible reviews, but most fans seem to dissagree with the game reviewers on a lot of the psp releases.

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    i love coded arms, such a fun fast-paced game. perfect for 5 mins of sitting down and playing

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    i dont get that review either.. infact, loads of reviewers gave low scores. the game rocks.

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    Thanks for the heads up. Do you happen to have a link? I suppose the entire article isn't online but I wouldn't mind seeing some new screenshots.

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