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    Play those Paradox games: read

    (thats work for the wipeout release)
    a friend give me the follow steps to play one of those releases, but I cant have one big ms and I cant try, please try out and tell me if works:
    1)rename de file "Data.wad" in the usrdir folder to "Data.psp"
    2)now, execute the pbp-unpacker-050, click in "New" and put all files needed ... after that, SAVE and save with the game name, in that game, Wipeout... thats will create the file Wipeout.pbp

    3)after that, rename the file to Eboot.pbp.
    4) create the folder and transfer the files to one : PSP/GAME/WIPEOUT
    thats all.
    please try out it and tell me if works if work I will buy one big ms today
    and sorry if this is a fake, but I need know

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    May 2005
    Hi, I am Solidous brother that discovered.
    I got to appear the title screen, but is givin erros after press start button,
    I will try other things but for sure is the right way to follow because the title screen appears.
    Any help is welcome.

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    any helps is welcome...
    I loked in the filelist of the ohter releases but they dont have .wad files, maybe we need find the function of this files to find what extension is used in the other games...

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    my psp is USA 1.5 i will anex one movie here

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    maybe it is just a logo script file, but in this same file have to be one link to the boot of the game, i think.

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    please look into this, vxand say about the wipeout are working in the jap 1.0 psp, but I cant do it here cause i dont have one huge ms and my psp is 1.5 ...

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    what that change do? here this change dont work >/
    I got the same thing in the RR iso, did the pbp and when this boot give me error...
    Last edited by solidous; 05-06-2005 at 05:07 AM

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    Big Grin

    Hey Guys.

    You have to rename the \PSP_GAME\SYSDIR\EBOOT.BIN to DATA.PSP and add it in the EBOOT.PBP . Cause it has the same header as the DATA.PSP from the 1.5 Update. Also the folder name you have to choose is in it (WipeOut = WO_GAME). Just open the file with an editor and look. The only thing to do is to create a DATA.PSAR with the rest of the ISO in it (the files of the \USRDIR). So who can do that? At least there could be a mediacheck, but that should be no problem for the guys of pdx.
    And now get coding.

    Happy Pimpinī


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    Wipeout ISO sooo small?


    has anyone realised that the ISO is small because of the music is missing. In addition, it appears that track information is also not present.

    Might I suggest that we are dealing with a possible 2 track CD structure ?


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    By the way...

    I just wanted to say that i am absolutely in complete awe that the "community" has reached this point so quickly.

    As an independant developer, i can only wait until we can finally circumvent the "industry" in dictating what we can and cannot do with our devices.

    Let the games commence.. Let empires Fall !

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