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Thread: PLAY Magazine's PSP2 Forecasted Feature List Available

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    PLAY Magazine's PSP2 Forecasted Feature List Available

    The UK's PLAY Magazine published an article in their latest issue entitled: The PSP2's Features (probably) as follows:

    Flash Memory - 16GB flash memory would be the most sensible option for Sony to plump for, which would allow for a reasonable amount of games to be stored on the internal memory. Most games weigh in at well under half a gig of memory, so that would be a reasonable size to start with.

    No UMD Drive - David Perry's main concern, as with many developers is to do with the UMD format. The loss of the, frankly useless, UMD format would work for everyone except retailers. No UMD would solve so many of the problems with the original console, including battery life, size & loading times.

    Sliding Screen - Expanding the screen would have it's drawbacks for existing titles, but putting in a sliding, touck screen format would allow room for the consoles visual capabilities to really be seen. While you may think this is dangerous & flimsy, the technology is there and cheap enough.

    Reworked Controls - One of the most contentious issues for PSP users is the controller layout, and the fact that a second analogue stick has never been included. Until now, that is. Changing the screen to a sliding format means that there's more space to reposition the controls, and perhaps include that second nub.

    More Life - There will be a longer life battery for the PSP2, with the removal of the UMD drive. It's not essential, but a mega lithium battery would be a big help.

    Note: This bas Not been confirmed and was published in the latest edition of the UK Playstation Magazine, PLAY!

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    I hope you can play PS2 games on a PSP2

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    This seems pretty awesome. I'd love to have just downloadable games. The UMDs take up useless space.

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