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    Planex GW-US54 Mini USB for PSP

    i would like to ask does Planex GW-US54Mini usb works as acess point for my psp? Lets say i have streamyx and would like to surf internet via my psp's browser. Does this usb device make it possible? I'm also planning to use Kai with it.... Planning to get it if it works...!

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    Hi !

    Here is your answer man, 2 cases:

    -if you have a wifi gateway (modem-router,or router and modem separately) at home to access the internet, just switch on the wlan on your psp, and in XMB configure a new internet connection in Infrastrucuture mode.

    -If you have a PC with internet shared access, you can use it to access the internet, but I think in XMB you should choose ad-hoc mode, I'm not sure!

    I don't understand why do you want to use your device for?

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    that is not how the adhoc/infrastructure works in the psp! I do know if i have a wireless AP i could directly use it through infrastrcture. I'm currently using broadband and do not have a wireless AP. Im connected via cable to my PC.

    btw, streamyx is my broadband ISP
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    So I'm guessing the setup you're aiming for is an always on PC which acts as wireless access point and gateway? Anyhow, I read somewhere that it supposedly works. I can't give you the site url but you can just google Planex GW-US54.

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