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    Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End PSP

    Publisher: Disney Interactive
    Category: Action Adventure
    Release Date: 22/05/07

    Ahoy, matey! Steer your ship into a swashbuckling action adventure on PSP! Captain Jack Sparrow is back for hilarious pirate mayhem and swordplay in this game based on Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Don the hat of the eccentric Captain Jack, young Will Turner or the lovely Elizabeth Swann, and sail into the world of the films and beyond. You’ll tangle with fellow pirates, outwit, outgun, and out-duel the British Navy, and survive seafaring perils including a mysterious whirlpool known as World’s End. All hands hoay!

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    Anybody having problems with this game? This is the first, in a very long time that I have not been able to play. (rnt-pcwe) I am using 3.10 OE-A. The problem is: it won't load I get the infamous "The Game could not be started. (80020148)"

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    It's not working for you because of the FW you have. It needs 3.11+ FW. (update to 3.40 OE)

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    any tips on how to compress the files? my iso is in the 1600mb range need to shrink it down for my 1 gig stick.

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    you can either use a ripkit that removes un-needed files OR you can use a iso compressor and compress it to the .cso format.

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