Notaz has released a maintenance update to PicoDrive for PSP, a Sega CD and Genesis (Mega Drive) emulator. Notable changes in this release include the ability to adjust gamma settings, improved suspend and resume handling, and CSO support for Sega CD games.

Download: PicoDrive v1.35b for CFW 3.X / PicoDrive v1.35b for FW 1.5 [Right-click, Save As]


<li>mp3 code should no longer fail on 1.5 firmware.
<li>added gamma adjustment option.
<li>added .cso ISO format support. Useful for non-FMV games.
<li>it is now possile to force a region after the ROM is loaded.
<li>fixed a sram bug in memhandlers (fixes Shining in the Darkness saves).
<li>fixed another bug in memhanlers, which crashed the emu for some games (like NBA Jam and NHL 9x).
<li>added suspend/resume handling for Sega CD games.
<li>some other small tweaks I forgot about.

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