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While $ony's lawyers have been issuing Cease and Desist orders to UK online retailers who attempt to sell Imported American and Japanese PlayStation Portables, the Managing Director of one of the companies targeted claims that even $ony staff members have been buying import PSPs through his Web site - some of them using $ony company credit cards!

Speaking exclusively to our sister site, Dan Morelle, Managing Director of online store, commented: "$ony suffers under the weight of its own bureaucracy and the fact that we're selling to divisions within Sony Europe is proof of the pudding. We're even selling to leading developers working on behalf of $ony such as Team 17, Criterion and Atari," he added.

ElectricBirdLand is contesting $ony's Cease and Desist order forcefully, this week issuing a stern statement which claims that $ony's legal argument is based upon the infringement of trademarks the company doesn't even own. EBL has so far refused to budge on the issue with US and Japanese PSPs still on sale on the company's Web site.