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    Online Instruction Manual Hints At PSP-3000

    While it is unrealistic to assume that Sony will announce a new PSP anytime soon, considering that the PSP Slim (PSP-2000) is still relatively new, more evidence that suggests a third-gen PSP is in the works has surfaced.

    Poking around on the online PSP manual, one individual found a 65--13 GIF format image that denotes the text "PSP-3000." The site contains similar labels for the PSP-1000 and PSP-2000 series.

    Is it just a creative mock-up or a logo that Sony is planning to use in the near future? Only time will tell...

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    jkoz Guest
    I think it might be just a mockup... I can't see anything serious coming out of this, but who knows, Sony might have something up their sleeves.

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    kitsunisan Guest
    The slim came out just a few months ago, it would be crazy for them to announce a new version and have the ones who bought the slim feel they were screwed.

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    goldenchild Guest
    a 3rd gen psp must be in the works, depending on sales... & definitely not anytime soon!

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