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    OMEFFING Thank you sony for the psp

    Sorry, I don't really post anything in this forum, mostly lurk and look for news, but I have to say This could be ahead of it's time. Geeks will love it but I think the general pop probably won't be able to figure out the best parts of this thing.

    With all the features built in on the psp, the hacking AND the oem possibilities are endless. I brought mine into work today and everybody was awed. It's going to kill nintendo's handheld market. I have a friend that bought the DS and said that if he would have known that the psp was that good he "would have waited and not wasted his money on a DS".

    I used to hate sony, but I have to give them props, this is the best system I have ever used, and I eagerly await the release of the ps3.

    Sad but true, I don't work for sony, I'm a friggin bartender at a golf course but I am a geek to the core. Be wary fellow geeks, you might sprout wood when you open up the box and turn on your psp for the first time.


    Dude, WTF

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    i completely agree.

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    One word lol and that is ........................ Word

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    Meh. I agree that the PSP is a nice device, but I don't think they'll be killing Nintendo's market anytime soon. The DS will probably sell more just because it's less expensive, much less expensive.

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