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    Stick Out Tongue Official PSP 3.30 OE-A And Compatibility thread!

    Dark_AleX has shared with us 3.30 OE-A today! From the ReadMe file:

    - Updated from psp firmware 3.10 to 3.30
    - Fixed a bug that could have caused inestability in 3.10 OE after recovering from sleep mode.
    - Patched a protection that prevents the firmware to load higher firmware modules.

    popsloader note: it won't work on 3.30 OE due to sony rearranging again the module list of pspbtcnf_pops. (thanks sony for destroying my backwards compatibility again ). I'll make a new version one of these days to support all current pops in 3.30 OE, 3.10 OE, and maybe 3.03 OE-C.
    Download: 3.30 OE-A For PSP

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    Cool news. Now to see if my PSP can be resurrected

    If so i'll do another tutorial if anyone want's one - but i think i might have to wait until i mod chip it - fingers crossed eh!

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    Great News! Thanks Dark Alex... I'm gonna see wheter Sony fixed the FF-8 crashing bug or not and report back here... I've also had a crash in Resident Evil Nemesis which I'll also check out later tomorrow.

    I'll just say thanks again

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    Musashi, still doesnt work, black screen after intro...*sigh*, this does not forebode well...

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    chrono cross

    Going into status screen in chrono cross finally works, ff8 overworld map looks fine, couldnt test crash yet, front mission 3 still crashes when the camera zooms on a mech with broken legs, legend of mana still has graphics errors, performance for ff9 seems to be up, castlevania sotn has no sprite errors anymore,

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    Internet browser doesnt seem to work, when i click on it gives me a blue screen rss channel does the same thing. Location free doesnt do anything when clicked on and having trouble trying to use remote play ps3 wont recognize the psp when hooked up through usb.

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    You guys do realize that Sony isn't going to issue fixes to PS1 games they have not yet released themselves for the PS1 emulator. The fact that so many games can even be played is a bonus for us.

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    Has anyone else found that Ratchet & Clank Size Matters will run on 3.30OE if you set it to 266 Mhz or higher, and the music and sounds will work, but on mine for some reason, the L and R will not turn the camera (although they work fine for long jump and moving the camera behind the player), nor am I able to move the camera when in First-person aimming mode...Anyone else have this problem? The game works perfectly if I launch DevHook and run it from there.

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    PS3 Cross Button Its not looking too Good...........

    Road to the World Cup 98 still doesn't get to the Main Menu in the Game

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    Quote Originally Posted by john55 View Post
    Hey all can i just double check something, i followed the tutorial for upgrading, i ran the update maker, i have my DXAR file and installer, RED icon on the PSP charge fixed , ready to go, but im scared to press the button, as i have a TA-086 pcb, and also my DXAR file is 0 bytes? is this correct?
    I haven't done it yet, as I will in a bit. But if its anything like the other previous versions, your DAXR should be something like 15-17 mb in size. I wouldn't flash it until you get something that size 'cause you WILL brick it if you press that button.

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