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    Quote Originally Posted by sticky View Post
    @pitod1: is your memory stick fake by any chance? you can check wether your memory stick is fake by going to your memory stick icon in psp xmb, press triangle button, press information.

    if it says magicgate supported, it is REAL. if it says unknown, it is fake.

    heard that this problem is due to fake memory stick
    It says magicgate supported.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mag1c1an View Post
    What can i use to dump PSP games with on v3.30 OE-A please?
    Check out the UMD Dumper Questions thread, which can also be found by using the search function at the top right of any forum page

    (This isn't exactly on topic!)

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    I just recieved this psp for free and it is firmware version 3.40 is there any way of knowing if i can downgrade it? i am unsure of the original firmware, but the unit is rather worn so i can assume it is an older version. I am new to psp hacking so any help would be great!

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    As of now, you're out of luck. You'll have to wait for an updated downgrader.

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    haha. best bet to getting a original memory stick is to get from authorised dealers, may be much more expensive than fake memory sticks but it feels safer knowing that you have a original one and not a fake one.

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    I'm curious how to rollback from this firmware? I have 3.30-A, but it's been reported that FF7 doesn't crash when played on 3.10-A. I was wondering how I would go about rolling back to that version. If anyone knows, that'd be a great help!

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    I did that, and then when I check the firmware, it's still saying 3.30-A. When I install 3.10, everything goes fine, and it says correct value returned or whatever, and then reboots.

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