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    Official PSP 3.03 OE-A And Compatibility thread!

    Dark_AleX has now shared 3.03 OE-A For PSP (including SDK) with us! Please post your feedback/compatibility results here, and below is also the info from the ReadMe file.
    Changes from firmware 3.02 to 3.03:

    - Added support for compression in PSX iSOs (look at popstation documentation for more details).
    - Added support for decrypted document.dat (PSX games manual) (look at docmaker documentation for more details).
    - Fixed a bug regarding free region: a stupid bug caused it not to work at all.
    - Now it should work, although it has not been tested due to lack of UMD's of different regions
    between the testers and me.
    - Some generic bug fixes in the code.
    - Readded the SDK.

    To install, follow these instructions:
    1. Copy oeupdatemaker and oeupdatemaker% to /PSP/GAME if you are in firmware 1.50, or to /PSP/GAME150 if you are in 2.71 SE or 3.02 OE.

    2. Get the 1.50 and 3.03 sony updates (Google), and put them in the oeupdatemaker folder with the names 150.PBP and 303.PBP (respectively).

    3. The program will generate a DATA.DXAR file, so please check the hashes to see that they match the following:

    MD5: 03186D46D2F1B0ACD923098BEBC87281
    SHA1: 3C80833A970EEA16A94D74DAFF6220889A9CEE4A

    4. Copy 303oeflasher and 303oeflasher% to /PSP/GAME if you are in 1.50, or to /PSP/GAME150 if you are in 2.71 SE or 3.02 OE. Move the DATA.DXAR file to the 303oeflasher.

    5. Run the program from the XMB. When it finishes, it will ask you to reboot the PSP; when you do that, you will be in 3.03 OE-A!
    PSP Games- Work with 3.03 OE-A NO UMD mode:

    Scooby Doo
    Death Jam
    Sims 2: Pets
    Sega Genesis Collection (US)

    PSP Games- Need UMD to run:

    GTA: Vice City Stories
    Tigerwoods 06
    Bliss Island
    Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max
    Yu-Gi-Oh GX
    MGS: Portable Ops

    PSX Games- that didn't work in 3.02 that do in 3.03 and vice-versa:

    Breath of Fire 4 - Smaller minor GFX glitches fixed
    Chrono Cross - Item box glitch fixed
    Chrono Trigger - Music play is perfect now
    Constructor (PAL) - Works full speed and no graphic glitch
    Digimon World 3 - Still freezes when entering certain areas
    Driver 2 - Gameplay fixed
    Final Fantasy 7 - Menu glitch fixed, but battle swirl broken
    Final Fantasy 8 - Some people reporting that there are no more crashes (still need to confirm it, though)
    Final Fantasy 9 - Speed improvement in towns with many NPCs on screen (still not perfect, but better than 3.02)
    Mortal Kombat Trilogy - had minor problems with 3.02, now it won't load past the Mortal Kombat logo
    Parasite Eve 2 - Still not working
    Rival Schools - Lag glitch during battles fixed
    Resident Evil 2 - Still freezing at police department
    Spiderman - Graphical glitches fixed
    Wild Arms 2 - Works perfectly, unknown compatibility on 3.02
    X-Files - Still doesn't work right
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Can anyone tell me if this release fixed the problem with datel 4 gig drives?


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    Just Want to say thanks to Dark_AleX for this new firmware.

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    Yeah, Dark_AleX I love you.

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    thanks da! hmm the docmaker not working for me. i keep getting "invalid number of arguments" anyone have the same problem? i cant possibly doing it wrong.

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    Wow, already! Nice job Dark_Alex! :-) I just de-virginized my v1.5 for the 3.02OE-B yesterday and I'm loving it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by illicitpearl View Post
    thanks da! hmm the docmaker not working for me. i keep getting "invalid number of arguments" anyone have the same problem? i cant possibly doing it wrong.
    it said the same thing for me with the popstation

    invalid number of arguments.
    Usage: popstation title gamecode compressionlevel file.iso :??

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    Not sure if this will help, but if there are spaces in the title then you have to use quotes, ie: "name of game"

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    cmpression worx gr8 only problem fake umd region seems not to work 100% ... but big thx anyway

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    yeah dont forget the quotes. i got the docmaker to work but now it says my images are too big

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