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    Does anyone test this new firmware with the not working like Resident evil 2 and FF 8 ? Do they still crash ? thx

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    is there a way to play a umd movie backup on this now. if not what do we use with firmware 3.03

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    When playing Castlevania SOTN, it crashes when you go through the portal. Well actually only if you go in the portal, and then head back to the original side. It did this in 3.02 OE-B too.

    The weird thing is when you find any of the other portals, it doesn't crash. You can enter and exit out of any of them without fear of pops crashing. It only crashes that one time.

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    I've tried loading Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops, and it just hangs before loading.

    Also, Star Wars Lethal Alliance gives me an error----->

    The game could not be started (80020148)

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    some bugs in the ps emulation on 3.03. The swirl effect when entering battles is gone. FF7 fonts is wierd, its like flashing. i only saw this in battles when it was the enemys turn. i find this strange, the difference in 3.02 and 3.03 is some security fixes and update to the emu to allow more games to be played ^^

    probably their own official psp psx games. i quickly reinstalled 3.02 so i can play it without being annoyed i dont know how it is with the other FFgames, hopefully they are ok.

    i noticed no lag when i played, the movies was fluid and so on.. nice work as always DA.

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    definitely some changes made to the psx emulator, it seems the aspect ratio was slightly changed from 3.02 as im using the same eboot for FF7 as i converted before -- my graphics don't seem to have the sharpness they used to with original aspect.

    I can confirm that the battle swirl effect doesn't display anymore, and that the text/menu graphics look fine within battle but are poor quality elsewhere.

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    Power Stone Collection and Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception still need a UMD inserted into the drive to run.

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    tried this on my 1.5 jap psp. works fine.. ive formatted the mem stick after installation. do i need those files to recover?

    is it possible to clock to 333mhz? GTAVCS lags without 333mhz.. Thank you dark alex!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apollo64 View Post
    Better yet, you can copy your own Ps one games without having to wait for Sony to release them. Btw with this firmware you don't need a PS3 either
    Thats cool but lets say if I wanted to d/l a psx game on my ps3 will it still play? there are a lot of demos and games up on the online store... Just want to know if they will work so I dont d/l it for nothing.

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    Does THP8 ISO/CSO work yet? (in xmb)

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