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    Registered User RomAndOnly's Avatar
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    anyone know how to get Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops running on 3.03 OE-B? if you do, tell me your settings on Recovery Mode PLZ!!

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    no-umd mode

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    gta vcs does not work, it didn't work also with the prevous versions 3.03OE-A and 303OE-A2, also 2.71SE-C had better compability with no-umd mode,great new for the people that watch movies on their psp but anyway thanks DAX for this release.

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    Works great, thanks for breaking the news. I had to go out and get a 4GB stick to upgrade my 1GB stick.

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    This was the thing I am waiting for a long long time.

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    To all the people thinking it can run newer games, I doubt it can. The reason for OE or even what dark_alex is doing is just to play ps1 games and have a custom firmware with special features. Stick with devhook for running the iso's

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    I'm sure it can, or nobody would update to it hehe... however, I still prefer the old DevHook myself since it suits my needs.

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    I haven't had any problems with an ISO not working on OE yet...

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    You can play newer games on 3.03 OE-B. All of my newer game UMD's and ISO's work as well. Oh and the PS1 ISO's... and mostly all of my 1.5 based homebrew stuff as well WORK. "BIG THANKS TO Dark_AleX" SuperPIMP!!!

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    I haven't run into any issues with an ISO or CSO not working yet.

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    Thank You

    thanks Dark_AleX yet another great release.

    I haven't had any problems ether, everything I have been using has worked just fine - I love the PS1 games..


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