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    No USA PSP Sellout!!

    According to , the PSP didnt sell out!

    600,000 units in week one, leaving plenty of stock on the shelves

    Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced official sales figures for the PlayStation Portable launch last month, confirming analyst reports that the system only sold through just over half of its shipment in the first week.

    Over half a million units were sold in the first weekend, while first week sales of the PS2 value pack are reported to have driven $150 million through tills - accounting for around 600,000 units, which is in line with estimates from companies including Credit Suisse First Boston.

    The figures are healthy by comparison with previous product launches in the space - the Nintendo DS, for example, shipped half a million units in North America before Christmas and took over a week to work through that initial shipment.

    However, Sony - used to sell-out launches for all of its new console hardware - may be somewhat disappointed that the PSP failed to sell through more of its initial allocation of a million units.

    News that 400,000 PSP units remained on US retail shelves in the week after launch will also rankle with European consumers, who saw the launch in this territory shoved back to ensure that the USA was well-stocked at launch. Europe may now have to wait until September before the system arrives here.

    Now the big deal is, WHY? Is it because of many extras made, or less demand!
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    There is not one retail PSP to be found in central Oregon... but maybe that isn't saying much. Damn walmart and their inability to pick up WipeOut Pure

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    Big Grin

    none left in my area,, nj

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    Maybe because it's $250.

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    hard to find one in ny at least my area, ny. that suxs

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    Can't find any in frys, circuitcity in san jose ca.

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    Its because it was released during a time where not many people buy consoles or spend alot of money. No parents were out looking for presents for kids and no kids had Xmas money to spend either. Also, sony didnt waste money on advertising either. These things as being sold mostly by word of mouth, when someone sees you have one, they want it.

    Sony sold as many as expected IMO. No other handheld could have done better during March. Soon enough there will be 5 million+ sold like all sony consoles so far.

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    Composer233: Try the Valley Fair mall. They have a Sony Style store in there and believe it or not, noone thinks to go to a SONY store for a SONY PSP. <shrugs> Seriously, I went there opening day and they had 40 sitting in the back at 6PM.

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    I live in Brooklyn, NY and I havn't had a big problem finding a few for friends who were unaware that there really isn't a retail shortage of the product. I think the reason why PSPs didn't fly off store shelves is not because of the $249.99 pricetag but rather the fact that you can't find a place where the PSP isn't in somekind of $350-$500 bundle. And in 99% of the time if you want a PSP you're forced to purchase the unit with games or accessories you don't want. Personally I think retailers are shooting themselves in the foot going this route. If stores insist on selling bundles they'll need to be reduced to the point where it can be sold at around $300.00 (give or take $10-$20 bucks).

    Thats my .2 cents.

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    Stores in my area still have alot of psp's for $250,but all the bundles for $400 + were all sold out.So i dont think the price tag is the issue.

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