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    Apr 2005
    I've tried the Dead to rights loader. It works great with sound. Just to let you guys know the PSP_GAME folder should be rename to DTR-GAME.

    NBA Loader does not work for me, gives error.

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    you need to change PSP_GAME to DTR_GAME

    also about the 1.0 version you can use a program called, SeiPSPTool05b (in the PSP Util STICKY thread) it has the abillity to change 1.5 >1.0

    ive tested it on a 1.0 and all is good

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    you need to rename the PSP_GAME dir to DTR_GAME and then the game will run fine.

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    anyone can post the difference in the bytes changed?

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    ahh man this is gonna be such a bombshell when it's released. i've been preparing for it

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    the problem with the NBA and others is they have no infrastructure mode, eg WIFI.

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    i got coded arms to load up but right after the P$P logo fades away i get a "Now Loading" screen and it stays there forever (i left P$P alone for 30 mins and still there) what am i doing wrong

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    you need the proper UMD in the drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matthijsfoekema
    And if that is still not working. Also see that all files from you're PSP,
    the map PSP_GAME and PSP are not set on read only.
    how do you do this?

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    how do you check to see if your files are read-only?

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