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    Registered User mariotrev's Avatar
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    No PSP On Planes?

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    From Gizmodo :

    Here is a story of one guy who was told to put his PSP away on an airplane cause of its supposed interference with the planes computer. Hmmm anyone else have this happen?

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    they say that when they first take off, with laptops, phone etc, but it really doesnt interfere that much

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    I've used my PSP with no problems.

    But follow directions, during take offs and landings, shut off all electronic devices.

    Turning off the wifi switch would be a safe idea too.

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    yes you can use the psp on a plane just don't use the wfi that's all

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    thats great to know, it would suck to not be able to use the psp on a plane

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    lol if wifi took out or messed up planes, terrorists would have a field day. would a bag full of devices that are just regular items that transmit signals, say a cell phone or two, psp with wifi on, laptop, palm pilot, etc, but all things on in a bag and turned on (thats totally legal in every way) mess up a plane to that degree?

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    lmao thats funny

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    its only for a few minutes, just ask the steward for some booze and then join her in the mile high club

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    Quote Originally Posted by octo
    its only for a few minutes, just ask the steward for some booze and then join her in the mile high club
    HAHA nice one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by inott
    no...im HIGHLY sure that anything in the 4.7ghz (wifi) spectrum would mess up any of the planes on board equipment.
    Sorry but im a internet tech and i can tell you there is'nt any common wifi that runs on 4.7Ghz. the most common is 802.11B/G and thats 2.4Ghz definatly NOT 4.7.
    also 5.7Ghz is common and 900Mhz for getting signal through solid objects.
    never used or seen any 4.7Ghz wifi myself but i guess it could exist.

    and NO it(psp) wont cause interferance with normal operation of a plane even with wifi on, just follow rules and keep ALL electronics OFF during take off and landing. the ban on using mobile phones on a plane is fedral and i heard they are thinking of lifting that ban so you can use your phone on a plane. ive noticed they tell me i can use my phone right after the plane lands on the tarmac now.


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