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    Quote Originally Posted by sharkey420
    the ban on using mobile phones on a plane is fedral and i heard they are thinking of lifting that ban so you can use your phone on a plane. ive noticed they tell me i can use my phone right after the plane lands on the tarmac now.
    Really, the only strong opposition for using cellphones on airplanes is coming from NASA, as they say the high-altitude rogue radio signals will severely cripple their super-sensitive radio telescopes. Even that argument has been countered by the idea of installing a picocell (cellphone signal transceiver that acts like a mini-cell tower) into airplanes so that cellphones use their lowest transmission power and the airplane only uses a single exterior carrier signal.

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    honestly this is off-topic for this forum, but i do not want to be sitting on an airplane next to the same snlobs (thats a good word i just made up) that you see/hear in the restaurants on the phones being obnoxious. i can think of nothing which couldn't wait until after the flight. i do think that it is bogus that you can use your phones on the tarmac after landing, but you can't use other electronic devices (eg. mp3 players, and psp).

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    You can use you PSP, just got back froma trip and was able to use it, you do have to obey the rules and turn it off when told to, but they do say you are able to use them once inflight and do ask you to turn them off when preparing for landing. BTW there is some info in the flight mag about WIFI comming to airlines, so you will be able to use it if its implemented.

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    it will cost you an arm and a leg though.

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    Let us also not forget that on 9/11, people were using their cellphones in flight, and it didn't seem to mess up the hijackers at all. Granted, they probably weren't using anything to the instrumentation or communications equipment, but it is still stupid as hell for Alitalia to tell you that you can't use your PSP at 30,000 feet.

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    i travel fairly often for my job, i've been on at least 20 round trip rides planes since getting my psp. never once has anyone told me to put it away, other than take off and landing. but that is any device.

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    haha HellzSpawn

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    That is a complete myth, ask anyone who knows something about the wireless stuff, it won't mess anything up on a plane...

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    any competent high school students can tell you that wireless stuff like PSP and cellphones wont interfere with any radio frequencies used by the airplane

    with wifi being at 2.4ghz, its not anything near what airplanes uses.

    they tell you to put it away at take off/landing as a precaution. Nobody is going to die because somebody left their cellphone/laptop/psp on anytime on the plane

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    well i guess you cant fault the airlines for being overly cautious but yeah i see your point


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