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    playforfun Guest

    Nintendo DS Emulator (DSONPSP v0.2C BETA) for PSP Available

    Yoshihiro has ported a Nintendo DS emulator to the Sony PSP.

    It's still too slow to be playable and won't run all games but it's better than the previous attempts.

    The DSONPSP emulator is based on DeSmuME v9 core, and has a file browser, frame skip, vertical and horizontal display options and a few other settings.

    For those interested both the download and a screenshot are available below.

    Download: DSONPSP v0.2C BETA

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    playforfun Guest


    Video in action

    Sorry, I don't know how I can show the video directly

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    I fixed it for ya... it was just the following, without spaces in the dailymotion tags:

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    playforfun Guest


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